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With "PUBG Mobile", "Playerunknown's Battleground" - one of the most popular Battle-Royale games ever - is available for download for Android smartphones. If you want to download the APK for the mobile version of PUBG, you may click on the link below to download and save it on your device.



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PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the popular PC game PUBG. Download PUBG APK now, and you'd be surprised to see how many features are included in PUBG Mobile, even though it's completely free.

What does PUBG stand for?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer shooter developed and distributed by Bluehole Studio PUBG Corporation. The game was released on March 23, 2017, as a Steam-Early-Access title for Windows. On December 20, 2017, the PC version completed the early access phase, and Bluehole published version 1.0. With the additional title Game Preview Edition, a preliminary version for the Xbox One was released on December 12, 2017. On March 19, 2018, a mobile version called PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android was released worldwide. A console conversion for the Xbox One was released on September 4, 2018, and for the PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2018. On April 28, 2020, the game was also made available to subscribers to the Google Stadium service.

PUBG Mobile free download

PUBG MOBILE APK is entirely free of cost to download and play.

The developers make a free game, so they have to encourage people to spend money. Fortunately, there are no micro transactions that could give players an unfair advantage in the game. The only micro transactions are related to the various cosmetic items.

Most cosmetic items can be unlocked by only playing, leveling your character, and collecting daily rewards.

What is PUBG?

In "Playerunknown's Battleground," you jump-off over a battlefield together with a team of other players and fight for your survival. This is a so-called Battle Royale game.

PUBG Mobile: Popular Steam game comes for Android

In the Android version of the game, christened "PUBG Mobile", just like the PC version, 100 players compete simultaneously on an 8x8 kilometer map.

After you and your team have dared to jump off and have entered the battlefield at a favorable spot, the first thing you have to do is to find good equipment to ensure your survival. Because from time to time, the radius in which you can move in "PUBG Mobile" becomes smaller and smaller.

The smaller radius increases the probability that you will meet enemies. Such an encounter is inevitable at some point, and you must fight for your survival with the supplies you have previously collected because only the last surviving team wins the game.

PUBG and other games of the genre are thematically based on literary or cinematic works such as Battle Royale or The Tributes of Panem and, over time, add a border to the map, which becomes smaller and smaller, guiding the player to a specific point on the map. Players can also be directed through specific loot (e.g., airdrops and loot in houses) or damage-inducing zones. These values are mostly randomly generated. The last-survivor or the last surviving team wins the round. [1] Depending on the game, a player may not rejoin the match after death ("Permadeath").

What is PUBG Mobile?

Have you already played the PC or Xbox One version of PUBG and wonder about the differences between the two? Then you've come to the right place - take a look at the following information.

We've compiled all the essential differences between the versions. You'd be surprised to see how many features are included in PUBG Mobile, even though it's completely free.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Differences

There are a few changes to the PUBG Mobile version's weapons you have to get used to. Fortunately, all the changes are beneficial if you know how to use them best.

First, weapon recoil significantly reduced - this is understandable, considering that most people play the game on their mobile devices.

This means that high-damage weapons, which usually have high recoil on the PC and the Xbox One version of PUBG, are now handy. Weapons such as the AKM, the SKS, and the MK14 have much lower recoil, but they still deal severe damage.

PUBG Mobile Vehicles Control

I'm sure we've all had a moment on PC or Xbox One where we ride a bike or buggy over the hill and end up hitting our head and killing ourselves. Luckily, vehicles are much easier to control on PUBG mobile devices, so something like that is much less likely to happen.

Due to hardware limitations, the physics of the vehicles are toned down to improve performance. This means you'll be able to go super fast off the road in any car - the vehicle wheels will stick to the ground.

Experiencing this was quite a surprise, as I often dread driving vehicles on PUBG on PC. Now we can use high-speed off-road vehicles to cover long distances quickly.


PUBG Mobile Map differences

The level design for the PUBG mobile map is almost identical to the Erangel map on PUBG for the PC and Xbox One. But a few things are different that you should get to know.

First, the texture quality is much lower - logical, since cell phones have less graphical power than consoles and PCs.

Secondly, windows are not present in PUBG Mobile. In order to improve performance, all the windows are essentially open squares.

Without window bars or glass, it's now easier to fire into any window in PUBG Mobile and, if necessary, jump silently through a window without attracting nearby players' attention.


PUBG Mobile Progression

PUBG Mobile has a much better player progression system than PUBG on Xbox and PC. There are two different level systems in place. The first level system is to level up your character.

When you level up your character, you get extra points.

The second system is player rank - the better you play, the higher your level will be. As your rank gets higher, the opponents you will encounter will also be harder to play against.

After winning or losing a match, you'll see the leaderboard - where you can see the winner, the follow-ups, and who killed the most people. If you've killed the most enemies, you'll get the MVP award and extra points.

There are also a lot more cosmetic items in PUBG - the developers are making a free-to-play game, so they need to encourage people to spend money. Fortunately, there are no microtransactions that could give players an unfair advantage in the game. The only microtransactions relate to the various cosmetic items.

You can unlock most cosmetic items by merely playing, leveling up your character, and collecting daily rewards.



Erangel Map

PUBG's Erangel has a special heart for many. Most know where to find the best loot on the PUBG Erangel map. It was all we had for so long. The 8km x 8km island was where most got their first chicken dinner or competed against the world together.

It's not just PUBG nostalgia either - Erangel is a tactical paradise. It features many small, albeit identical, buildings spread across multiple cities with gentle plains in between. It also offers plenty of elevation changes, as well as bodies of water to swim through and plenty of foliage to stash away - which means it's still a favorite of many.

While loot is randomly selected in PUBG, the risk is prioritized in gameplay. So in areas like the main cities, you'll find more and more impressive haul. This means that players usually flock to these areas, leading to tense shootouts in the early stages.

We've labeled these areas "high risk" in the guide below, while new players may want to stick to the "low risk" zones - usually a bit more spread out and remote, but with a greater chance of building up a weapons cache before entering a firefight.


The largest city in Erangel, but it lacks modern facilities. Housing, for example, consists mainly of dilapidated apartments. There is a good chance of finding loot here and meeting others looking for it. So it is a slightly risky area to hit first. However, there is a high chance of finding a vehicle if you survive, which is worth considering if you are more experienced.

school, Rozhok

The school is a central location with a high probability of great gear, which means it's pretty popular. Expect an immediate fight if you descend here at the start of a game - the school, in particular, is an absolute death trap. The buildings can be slow to loot, but there's always a car in the nearby garage. The mid-map position also means that the safe zone is rarely far away.


This southwestern location has a good chance of yielding rare loot and many isolated buildings. A great place if the security zone falls this way, but the open space and possibility of conflict can be risky.


Perhaps the riskiest drop point on the entire map. It's full of rare weapons and armor, which means it has to deal with high-level players. It's also isolated on the south side of the island, making it difficult to get away from. Assuming you can make it at all.


A big mountain with tiny booty at the top, so a safe starter. Come here for a quiet drop, but don't expect to find much, and expect to travel far to make it to the next safe zone.

The bunkers

There's always a lot of very exotic equipment here, but there's also a bunch of concrete tunnels full of tight spots and corners. Oh, and people looking for all these weapons. If you can get in, get lucky and get out. Good luck to you.


This container yard/dock is another high-risk area due to its cargo container area full of open spaces and blind spots. Many buildings also mean loot, making it dangerously attractive to experienced players, but since there is a high chance of finding the right equipment and cars and boats, it is worth the risk for some.


This area of the map is a big hole with five warehouses, two houses, and a large military building. So there's plenty of equipment, and it's a great place to assemble a full team. However, many other people will have the same idea, and the sunken terrain also makes it a popular place for snipers to shoot at their victims from a height, in short, dangerous.

the mansions

This is a tiny area with eight buildings. It's not an excellent place for loot, but its main strength is strategic - there is an elevated area where the rooftops offer a great view of the surroundings. It's perfect for a squad to jump into a hole and defend themselves (assuming you have some excellent ranged weapons).


Just west of Novorepnoye, you'll see a crossroads with a few buildings. It's small enough to be ignored by high-level players, but these houses provide good equipment opportunities, and there are usually a few cars on the roads. The nearby bridge is not where you want to play late, as this is often a bottleneck when the play area narrows. But get in early and clean up, and you might get a good start.


Northwest of Lipkova above the crater is several small cottages. You won't find a large amount of equipment here so that it will be quiet, but hit enough buildings, and you should clean up enough to get started. The roads also mean a good chance for a vehicle.


Miramar Map

Well spread across Miramar, there are plenty of smaller and larger settlements, as well as a handful of densely built cities, where players and teams should come up with new possibilities and ideas for combat strategies.

You can now find the towns Chumacera, El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los Leones, Monte Nuevo, Valle del Mar, Pecado, and San Martin, among others, on Miramar. Some more detailed information and impressions of the larger cities can be found below.

Los Leones
Los Leones (formerly "Hard Luck") is the largest city in the new area and is located in the southeast. The large city's skyline is marked by numerous shopping malls (including the massive, golden City Center) and lots of construction sites. While the mall and shopping buildings are abundant and quick to collect equipment and weapons, the many construction sites allow for an easy path skyward to better and more superior positions for combat.

El Pozo
Thematically firmly based on a Mexican city, the large town of El Pozo is located in the west/northwest and consists mostly of industrial buildings (including a vast, long-abandoned textile factory) and entertainment districts. The latter includes a lucha libre arena where you can bash each other's heads in as a luchador and the "Death Bowl" for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Monte Nuevo

Monte Nuevo in the west of Miramar shows a city under siege: walls were once built here to protect the population. In the end, however, the latter probably decided to flee. Either way, the walls now serve as a sparse cover for players to access the many scattered equipment and weapons.

Valle del Mar

The city of Valle del Mar is located directly on the coast in the southwest and is enclosed by high mountains on one side and the sea. Several roads lead through the hills and along the coast to the city. Valle del Mar is also divided by the De Toro bridge, which connects to the offshore island with its three towns (Minas del Sur, Los Higos, and Complejo Penitenciario). Thus, the center of the city quickly becomes a witch's cauldron. Besides the bridge, essential points are the school to the west and the church to the east.

La Cobreria

La Cobrería in the northwest is the freight and transportation center of Miramar. Accordingly, the centerpiece is a large cargo hub with a branching rail system, warehouses, and abandoned industrial buildings. Here you can go hunting among the half-buried cargo containers and empty buildings. However, before doing so, you should first stock up on equipment and weapons at the nearby school grounds.

San Martin

San Martín is located almost in Miramar's center and borders the Hacienda Del Patrón to the west - the latter is known as one of the best spots for weapons and equipment. Border posts and blockades have turned the once quiet little town of San Martín into a war zone, so there is good equipment and weapons here. However, all sides of the city are easily overlooked, so you'd better be well-prepared here and proceed with utmost caution.


Chumacera is located in the south/southwest of Miramar and is basically just the main street, lined with abandoned factories, homes, and stores. The town was once known for its thriving textile industry, but that has now been idle for a long time. There are considerable differences in altitude here, which provide good opportunities for those ambushes that come to the city in search of the numerous equipment and weapons. In Chumacera, you can expect high risk but also great options.


Pecado is centrally located in Miramar and was once a tourist stronghold with its huge casino and many hotels. Here you can expect a lot of high-quality loot and a dangerous game with the field of view. If you want to be aggressive here, you should head straight for the casino and the arena and clear them out. If you prefer to prepare yourself beforehand, check out the four-story hotels in between.


Sanhok Map

Sanhok changes things compared to its two predecessors. It's considerably smaller than those with only 4x4km compared to the 8x8km areas of Erangel and Miramar. A significant part of it is water to make the actual game area even more compact.

This makes a PUBG Sanhok map guide like this particularly handy, as the reduced size and changes to blue circle settings mean matches are shorter, and you're likely to see a lot more fights. The chances of you ending up with other players are much higher, especially in the central locations. So if you want to earn the chicken dinner, you need to fight early. There are smaller unnamed connections in Sanhok that are more useful than on other maps. However, if you want to get some loot, you should go to one of these places.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is one of the few named areas in the center of the map and offers a solid haul for anyone who goes there. It's a reasonably large area so that several people can get out, but the open courtyards you have to cross mean you'll find yourself in a fight at some point. Even if you think it's far enough away from the plane path that no one will go there, there's always a very high chance that someone will enter you.

Not only is it a popular spot, but there is a shortage of vehicle spawn. This is not often a severe problem because walking in Sanhok is relatively easy, but it should be considered. None of these problems should be enough to turn you away, though - the loot here is excellent, and if you survive, you'll be in a stable position.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp should be the equivalent of the school or Pecado on Sanhok. It is located in the middle of the map and has high loot spawn rates. However, the main difference is that Boot Camp Camp's size and layout allow several people to coexist in the region for a while.

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There will be many fights, but it's not quite that where only one person will survive. Several people can find their way out of boot camp and usually with lots of gear. It has perhaps the best loot of Sanhok and is more than enough to equip several people. Make sure to check everywhere for dead player boxes, as they often have a lot of looting done for them.


If you want to have a more relaxed time, visit the massive quarry, which is also pretty central. No one falls down here because the loot is limited, and you are exposed from almost all angles. However, since there's no one around, you're usually guaranteed the first few minutes.

The loot is the problem, but if you're alone, you can usually bring out some solid weapons and enough gear to get you through. Most crates and chests have a potential loot spawn, so you can climb to the top areas to find the best weapons.

The big drawback here is that anyone passing by can spot you, and you have limited coverage and are on the ground. So this is a place to drop in and get enough to pass by and then kill.

Camp Bravo

Like most of the other camps on Sanhok, Camp Bravo offers excellent loot. However, its location on the map's edge can lead to pain if the circle is not friendly. If you can rely on your rotation, this is a substantial drop, and there are three potential vehicle spawns close to the camp that helps in that regard.

If you are challenged by other players when you drop, you want to stay away from the middle buildings. There are many open windows here, which means you can quickly get shot in the back when you least expect it. You should stick to the edge when others are with you and try to catch them off guard.

Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh is a surprisingly large area for loot, and its layout allows you to move through it quickly and move on with a decent arsenal in your pack. Feasibility depends on the plane path, anything too southern, and this is probably a bad call, but if you can get to it quickly, this is a remarkable drop.

The northern location may make it seem like an odd place to drop, but there are many carriers here, both land and sea. Therefore, getting to the first circle is never a problem. In our opinion, this is a top-level drop. Sure the loot may not be as reliable as, say, Boot Camp, but you would have to be very unlucky not to have at least one AR and a proper backup.


Sanhok certainly lacks proper urban areas, but Sahmee is probably the closest you'll get. This brings a lot of loot, but it's not the most comfortable place to loot efficiently since it's two-story houses. It would be best if you also were careful when moving from building to building, as it's pretty easy to get past someone unnoticed.

The main reasons for discarding are the available loot and the cover that the area offers. You will most likely be accompanied by one or two other players, even if it is a reasonable distance from the plane. However, if you play smart and don't run aimlessly from building to building, you can start before the battles all get a decent loot inevitably.

Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha is very similar to Camp Bravo, but we think it is a bit less convenient due to its position on the smaller northern island. It's often difficult to cross the river, and there's a high chance you'll have to cross at some point if you fall here.

However, the loot is excellent, and if you can hold the camp down, it can become almost an impenetrable fortress because if you play on the rooftops, you should be able to see someone from a distance. It's a reliable option, but the others on this list are better in some ways. This is a popular offshoot in a tough spot but has a substantial haul. Give it a try and see how you feel.


Vikendi Map

Vikendi consists of 27 different locations, each with its name. As with other maps, various cars, motorcycles, and boats are distributed across the island to help you get around faster. As for weapons, submachine guns (SMG) seem to be particularly common. Especially the Micro-Uzi is very strongly represented on the map. As far as equipment is concerned: according to statistics, smoke grenades and scopes are much more common on the new map than on other levels. Level 3 military vests and Level 3 helmets are also more common. The helmets, in particular often only come into the level via special drops on other maps, but on Vikendi, they can also be found in the level without a drop.

Snipers might not be so happy with Vikendi
Snipers, however, might be less happy on the new map. The spawn rates of weapons like the Kar98k or a Mini14 are significantly lower on Vikendi in direct comparison. Generally speaking, the icy terrain is more conducive to shorter-range confrontations. However, there are plenty of options for cover and protection at Vikendi as well. So you don't have to be afraid of being defenseless on a vast plain to the sharp eye of a lone sniper.

Sniper in the castle or relatively close combat in the city?
There are locations on every map that are particularly popular with players. We'll tell you which areas are especially recommended. First and foremost is the castle. The abandoned fortress is located quite centrally on the map and offers many protection options. If you stay on the battlements between the towers, there is enough protection from other players. Besides, the castle is surrounded by water except for a bridge, making it difficult for attackers to enter unseen. There is also a great spot in the court to try your hand as a sniper. Just push the battlement next to the central tower: It offers an excellent overview and has the disadvantage that you can be attacked from inside the castle. And when it comes to supplies, you don't have to worry about the vast fortress. Much more exciting will be the question of who will secure his place there first, because for sure, the other players will try to get a foothold there.

The second larger location on Vikendi is Goroka. This is a larger city that is located on a hill. Due to many buildings, there is definitely enough supply of weapons and equipment. This means you don't have to scour the entire city to get decent gear. Other spots that are great for equipping: Dobro Mesto and Volnova. However, these places are probably known to the more experienced players, so you should expect fierce competition. If you are traveling alone, try the huts in the south of Dobro Mesto. If you are looking for more equipment after that, it is enough to walk across the fields in the east: In the nearby farms there, you'll find enough equipment to be ready for the next shootout.

From practical loot places and cool locations
The Cosmodrome is also a great place to equip yourself. Here you'll find enough weapons and ammunition to last you through several battles. Furthermore, the complex is an ideal place for confrontations. Due to numerous buildings, it is difficult for snipers to find a suitable spot. You can find a lot of equipment in the dilapidated buildings in the south and west of the complex. By the way, if you need some time off, no problem: Dino Park offers you incredible scenery to switch off between firefights.

Vikendi is the latest map for PUBG, set in an icy tundra.
Unlike other maps, the map is more suited for direct duels; snipers are unlikely to be happy here.
Good locations to start are either the castle or the Cosmodrome.

5 Tips for Chicken Dinner

For what, please? You read that right; our tips are supposed to help you get the coveted Chicken Dinner. This is nothing less than the winner screen of a round of PUBG. It says, "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!" and reading this on the monitor is enough to send millions of players around the world into raptures. Because the road, there is rocky and hard. But let's start at the beginning.

Choose a target

If you rush headlong out of the cargo plane, you lay the foundation for ending up just like that. Open the map with key M as soon as the roaring airplane turbines sound and choose the place you want to head for first. The balance between high loot chances and relative remoteness from the flight path is essential.


Controlling in the air

As soon as you are close to your preferred location, you leave the plane by pressing the F key and steer the character in the corresponding direction using the direction keys. Once you have managed to glide directly over the target location, you point the nose downwards to achieve the highest possible fall speed. This will cause you to sink a bit lower when the parachute automatically opens, and you'll be on the ground faster.

Pick a suitable landing spot while still in the air - and watch out for the other players in the air! Pick a right landing spot while even in the air - and watch out for the other players in the air!

Loot, loot, loot

Now the loot begins! As soon as your boots touch the ground, you should sprint to the next building and collect everything you can find. In the first seconds, especially if there are competing opponents nearby, the right of the faster counts. The one who can arm himself faster often has a decisive advantage.

Accordingly, you should collect every usable weapon, including ammunition, and load it afterward. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the mechanical click of an empty chamber in the face of the enemy.

Body armor, helmets, and backpacks come in three levels. For head and body armor, the level indicates the damage resistance and the capacity for the backpack. Thus, vests and helmets are of great importance to compensate for taken hits. On the other hand, a large backpack will ensure that you can carry the loot you find.

Once you have a moment to catch your breath, take another look at the map. Where does the first circle close, and how far is the edge of the safe zone from your current position? Based on the distance you have to cover, you should estimate how long it will take you to reach the circle. Keep in mind that the zone closes faster than players can run. Of course, if you have a vehicle, you won't need to make that last comment.

Correct perception

Your keen senses are essential for survival on the murderous island of Erangel. So learn to interpret sound sources correctly. How far away an enemy is, whether he opens or closes a door and from which direction he comes - all this will help you to make the right tactical decision.

Attention. Some players take off their shoes to walk on quieter soles. So watch out for frantic tapping as well. Imitation is strongly recommended at this point.

You can't take equipment from one game to the next - so it's even more important to make the right choices in your stock each time.

Visual perception is also crucial for success in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Especially as a beginner, observe the surroundings in quiet moments. A moving player should immediately catch your eye. It's more complicated with stationary opponents - they are often well hidden behind bushes or high grasses.

The right tactical decision

Before any action, keep in mind that PUBG is not a classic deathmatch. Battle Royale requires you to stay alive as long as possible in an increasingly limited space. The number of kills you achieve doesn't matter.

Shooting at an opponent, therefore, always carries the significant risk of revealing your position. Consequently, you should weigh well whether a fight is worth it or whether you can avoid it.

If you don't want to run away from the death zone, you can also drive. It's faster but certainly attracts more attention.

If the fight has become unavoidable, keep calm! Thoughtful, tactical decisions lead to victory. In combat, always make sure you have enough cover, but keep moving. First, a moving target is much harder to hit, and second, frequent changes of position counteract enemy flanking.

Be bold! Hiding in a bathroom in Battlegrounds is begging for unpinned hand grenades. Walk up to your opponent - many conflicts are better resolved in hand-to-hand combat. Machine guns and shotguns are recommended for this or even an assault rifle in automatic mode.

Perhaps the most critical piece of advice for newcomers to PUBG: don't get discouraged! The Battle Royale game mode requires some training and can be frustrating, especially at the beginning. But once you get over this phase and have had a taste of the chicken dinner or two, you'll be able to understand better the hype surrounding this game.


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