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With MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE, you can now enjoy Fatalities, always a hallmark of the series, and other over-the-top moves in dizzying graphic glory on mobile devices! Now assemble a team of Mortal Kombat fighters and compete in the world’s largest fighting tournament.

mortal kombat mod apk

Download mortal kombat apk


Build a team of Mortal Kombat 11 characters from console to mobile! The MK11 team is extremely versatile, full of unique abilities and powerful synergies to crush your opponents. The MK11 collection includes MK11 Jade, Raiden, Kabal, Scorpion, Rain, Sub-Zero, Skarlet, and they are every bit the equal of their console versions! Even their Fatal Blow is the same!

Please create your own Mortal Kombat fighters team and lead them into battle to gain experience, recent special attacks, and powerful artifacts. Have warriors with unique attunements work together to have an advantage over enemies like Team Ronin, Team Nightmare, and Team Día de Muertos!

Collect over 130 characters from the Mortal Kombat series, including Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Ermac, and many more. Discover new additions to Mortal Kombat Mobile like Vampiress Mileena, Soccer Champion Kombat Cup Sonya Blade, the mysterious Classic Reptile, and Warrior Princess Ronin-Kitana.

Prove yourself in a series of matches to add new Mortal Kombat fighters to your team! A new challenge begins every week!

Compete against other players in Faction Wars, an online competitive mode pitting players against other player teams. Move up in the rankings of your faction to win weekly prizes.

Unlock unique character customizations in Strength feats. Win battles to prove your mastery skills with limitless combinations of action-packed victory poses, insulting taunts, and masterful war banners. Unlocking Strength feats also boosts your characters’ stats!

With Mortal Kombat Mobile, you can now admire Fatalities, always a hallmark of the series, and other over-the-top moves in dizzying graphic splendor on mobile devices.

Send characters on epic missions to earn special rewards! Begin your journey in the Outlands and fight your way to the Underrealm!

Ronin Kenshi Challenge

If you are looking for a new challenge in Mortal Kombat X, you now have the opportunity to do so. The “Ronin Kenshi Challenge” is now available in Mortal Kombat X Mobile, where you have to defeat all enemies with the fighter Kenshi.

Jason Voorhees mortal kombat

Jason Voorhees is a new fighter in Mortal Kombat X for Android.
The serial killer Jason Voorhees, known from the Friday the 13th movies, was already available for the console/PC version of Mortal Kombat X. Now, gamers of the Android version can also select him. To be ready for battle, you have to unlock him in the new “Jason Multiplayer Season.” Also new is a unique Jason challenge. Here is a first gameplay video with Jason Voorhees.

Mortal Kombat X for Android – review

The free2play game Mortal Kombat X for Android is very similar to the console and PC versions. There is a lot of blood spurting, and the infamous Fatality moves and the equally brutal X-Ray moves are also included.

There are familiar representatives like the campaign, the quick game, and challenges in terms of modes. The player is rewarded with gold, silver, and souls, which he invests in new map packs to unlock new fighters, outfits, and battle arenas. These extras can also be unlocked with real money, but I didn’t spend any and could continue playing undisturbed in my test.

The factions in Mortal Kombat X apk are new. The player can join one of five and advance his team by performing well. After a certain amount of time, a winner is chosen, and the faction members receive small extras. This always motivates you to enter the Mortal Kombat X for Android ring to lead your faction to the top.

Mortal Kombat X for Android is not a new game since the gameplay and controls were almost completely taken over from the Android games Injustice: Gods, Among Us and WWE Immortals – which Warner Bros. also worked on.

Once again, three heroes (a total of 24 fighters are available) compete in a tag team and hit each other on the head. When the team members hit particularly hard, a bar is charged up, which can execute special attacks.

The handling is straightforward and, therefore, easy to learn. You only have to tap on the opponent and perform swipe movements so that Scorpion, Raiden & Co. unleash punches and kicks on the opponents in Mortal Kombat X for Android.

This is still very entertaining initially, but since Mortal Kombat X for Android offers too few tactical options overall, the brawling quickly becomes monotonous and boring.

The graphics of Mortal Kombat X apk cannot be compared with the version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but overall the brawler does not look bad – at least not worse than WWE Immortals. However, during the test session, we also experienced small jerks and delays, which meant that punches could not be appropriately applied. This caused some games to be lost through no fault of the user.

Mortal Kombat X apk is not a bad game, but it is also not a title that causes raptures. The fighting game can entertain quite well for a short time, and the graphics are nice to look at. However, since the title only offers a few gameplay options, the overall gaming fun is somewhat limited. Mortal Kombat X is suitable for a nice “round of fights” in-between, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer much more than that.

skarlet mortal kombat

  • Blood mage and imperial bodyguard.

Skarlet was a starving homeless woman before she anointed Shao Kahn in blood. Reborn by his magic, she now possesses an insatiable thirst for blood and the power to quench it – her blood-red cravings are matched only by her desire for Shao Kahn’s approval. She is his deadliest, most loyal creation.

Skarlet MK – gameplay, watch the video

Rain mortal kombat

Rain grew up an orphan and joined Edenia’s army. His strategic genius earned him a quick promotion, which he used to learn that he is the bastard son of the god Argus, Edenia’s protector. Rain is Armed with the knowledge of being a demigod, Rain fights for his place in Edenia’s pantheon.

rain mk – gameplay, watch the video

Raiden mortal kombat

  • Immortal
  • god of thunder
  • protector of the Earth Kingdom

Raiden has saved the Earth Kingdom time and time again by gathering the bravest and strongest warriors to defend it. Now, after centuries of battles and bloodshed, he fears unintended consequences for humanity and himself.

raiden mk – gameplay, watch the video

mortal kombat Rambo

John Rambo is a former United States Special Forces soldier who was deeply haunted by his Vietnam time. He is rough, aggressive, and known for putting himself in hazardous situations on his own. Rambo has reactivated his ruthless fighting skills to infiltrate the Mortal Kombat universe.

rambo mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

mk11 Milena

Mileena is a product of the sinister cloning experiments of Shang Tsung. She is a perfect blend of Tarkatan ferocity and athletic grace. Mileena has been moved forward in the timeline by Kronika and has learned of her tragic future. Her enemies must now submit or die.

mortal kombat 11 milena – gameplay, watch the video

Robocop mk11

Alex Murphy was a dutiful police officer who was brutally murdered by a gang of criminals. But he was brought back to life through OCP technology as RoboCop, an advanced cybernetic police officer whose job is to enforce the law and protect the innocent. For his appearance in Mortal Kombat, RoboCop has received some more upgrades and is now ready to take on any fighter that stands in his way.

mortal kombat robocop – gameplay, watch the video

Sheeva mortal kombat

The male Shokan scoffed when Sheeva came forward to be elected as the next Shokan leader. But Sheeva proved that she was more than a match for her male peers. After an overwhelming victory, she has crowned the first Queen of the Shokan. As Queen, Sheeva now leads her people in the fight for their rightful place as partners in the outside world’s domination.

sheeva mk11 – gameplay, watch the video

Fujin mortal kombat

Fujin, the god of wind, serves the elders of the gods together with his brother Raiden as the protector of the earth realm. With his kindness and lightheartedness, he knows how to bring out the inherent goodness and heroism in people and defeat the forces of hatred and tyranny. Fujin is convinced that the Earth Kingdom’s best days are yet to come and fights to secure this bright future.

fujin mk – gameplay, watch the video

Spawn mk11

Al Simmons was once the best and most effective soldier in the US government but was mercilessly executed by his people. Resurrected from the ashes of his own grave by a flawed contract with the forces of darkness, Simmons was reborn as a creature from the depths of hell. Spawn is been sent to the world of Mortal Kombat, where he will fight for supremacy against all fighters.

spawn mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

joker mk11

Unpredictable, violent, and incredibly dangerous, the Joker is chaos personified. He killed Robin, crippled and tortured Batgirl, and killed countless people throughout the DC Universe. Now he has his eyes on a new target and joins Mortal Kombat as the latest fighter.

mortal kombat 11 joker – gameplay, watch the video

jade mortal kombat

Jade is a cunning assassin and imperial bodyguard. Jade’s family sold her to Shao Kahn when she was a child. Despite him being the only “family” and master she ever had, she refused his order to kill her best friend, Kitana. Because of this, the Emperor turned on Jade. Now she has vowed to put an end to his rule.

jade mk11 Gameplay, wach the Video

erron black

Erron Black is the best shooter in Texas, has left his home along with Kano and the black dragons searching for adventure and excitement in the outside world. The outside world has become the playground for Erron’s ultra-brutal dreams. He has decided to make it his new home as the deadliest Outlander in the outside world.

Erron Black mortal kombat Gameplay – watch the Video

Kabal mortal kombat

Kabal is a light-footed enforcer of the black dragons. Kabal’s sprinting speed is matched only by his greed. He started his job as a police officer when Kano tempted him to betray the police department for cash and a place with the black dragons. Since then, Kabal has haunted everyone who has crossed Kano.

Kabal mk – Fatalities & Brutalities Demonstration – watch the Video

kung lao

Kung Lao is a Shaolin monk and descendant of Kung Lao the Great. The younger Kung Lao has proven his greatness by defeating Shang Tsung and Quan Chi’s deadly alliance in Mortal Kombat. Kung Lao is reckless and rebellious and bold and invincible, fighting to prove himself worthy of his glorious ancestors.

kung lao mk11 – Fatalities, Brutality – watch teh video

sub-zero mortal kombat

Sub-Zero is the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei clan. Kuai Liang defeated death to cleanse his clan of Sektor’s evil deeds and the Cyber Lin Kuei. He rebuilt the Lin Kuei and negotiated peace with their Shirai Ryu rivals. Now he hopes to close the book of sins on Lin Kuei’s past once and for all.

Mortal Kombat X – Sub-Zero All Fatalites/ Brutalities – watch the Video

mortal kombat sub zero mythologies – watch the video

scorpion mortal kombat

Grandmaster Scorpion of the Shirai Ryu. Driven by rage, Hanzo Hasashi has gone through hell to avenge his family and clan and did not rest until he hunted down their killer Quan Chi. Now he leads the reborn Shirai Ryu, avenging those who cannot avenge themselves.

scorpion mk11 – Gameplay

cetrion mk11

God Elder of Virtue, Guardian of Life. When Shinnok threatened to conquer the God Elders, Cetrion banished him to the Underrealm. Her blessing is the answer to the prayers of warriors fighting against the darkness. But sometimes, the heroic virtues she preserves are at odds with her quest for universal balance.

mortal kombat cetrion – gameplay , watch the video

frost mortal kombat

Frost is the most dangerous disciple of Grandmaster Sub-Zero. When Sub-Zero made historic peace with his clan’s enemy – Scorpion, the defiant Frost questioned her Grandmaster’s ability to lead the people. Sub-Zero defeated and banished Frost. For years she searched for the power to destroy him. Now she has found it.

mk11 frost – Gameplay, watch the Video

baraka mortal kombat

Baraka is the Warlord of the nomadic Tarkata people – flesh-eating mutants who are classified as subhuman by the outside world. Baraka obediently serves Shao Kahn to protect his people’s way of life, who wander the harsh Wastelands with meat carts in tow, consuming everything and everyone in their path.

mk11 baraka – gameplay, watch the video

shao kahn mortal kombat

Shao Kahn is the Emperor of the outside world. For millennia, Shao Kahn ruled over the realms and increased his empire through conquests. But when he wanted to conquer the Earth Kingdom, his plan was prevented by the rules of Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn was stopped from his goal but is determined to get the absolute victory.

shao kahn mk11 – Gameplay, watch the video

dvorah mortal kombat

D’Vorah belongs to the Kytinn, a swarm of sentient insects that share a consciousness. She served Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn, and Shinnok, but her true loyalty is to the swarm. She lies, cheats, and deceives so that the Kytinn will survive when everyone else dies.

dvorah mk11 – gameplay, watch the video

jax briggs mortal kombat

Special Forces Cyber Officer. Jax Briggs lost both arms in the duty line but returned to the battlefield twice thanks to cybernetic upgrades. Yet despite this power, his sacrifices are a burden. He continues his honorable fight to protect the Earth Empire.

mortal kombat 11 jax briggs – gameplay, watch the video

geras mortal kombat

Geras is an artificial construct created by Kronika. It faithfully serves her goal of restarting time and rewriting history. Kronika created Geras to exist as a fixed point in time. Each time Geras get killed, he is reborn – and each time, he becomes more resistant to the particular way he died.

mortal kombat geras – gameplay, watch the video

kano mortal kombat

Kano is a Weapons dealer and leader of the Black Dragons. Kano described himself as the ultimate trader, with a black-market network that spans the realms – but he is never satisfied. Even his loyal followers know that he would stab his mother in the back if the price were right.

kano mk – gameplay, watch the video

mortal kombat 11 terminator

The Terminator T-800 from Terminator- Dark Fate is a cyborg assassin sent from a post-apocalyptic future to the past. He is almost indestructible, has powerful technology and combat abilities, and superior artificial intelligence, which makes him the ultimate killing machine.

terminator mk11 – gameplay, watch the video

nightwolf mortal kombat

Each generation, the Great Spirit selects a worthy warrior to become Nightwolf: the Matoka’s champion and defender. Grey Cloud proved himself worthy when he sacrificed his life to stop the black dragons from plundering the tribe’s remaining sacred artifacts. As a Nightwolf, Grey Cloud possesses extraordinary magic granted to him by the Great Spirit. He uses his magic in the fight for the future of the Matoka and defends the Earth Kingdom.

mortal kombat 11 nightwolf – gameplay, watch the video

cassie cage

Cassie Cage has famous parents. She is the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage. Not even her victory over Shinnok a few years ago was enough to step out of the shadows of her legendary parents. When Cassie is not defending the Earth Kingdom, she fights to prove that she is worthy of her parents’ legacy.

cassie cage mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

kotal kahn

Kotal Kahn is an Osh-Tekk warrior and emperor of the Outlands. Kotal claimed the Tron of Kahn because he saved the empire from chaos, Years ago. Now his rule is plagued by rising tensions at home and elsewhere. Kotal is determined to maintain order and struggles with the temptation to use the same brutal tactics as his predecessors.

kotal kahn mk11 – gameplay, watch the video

Sonya blade

Sonja Blade is a Highly Decorated Special Forces Officer. Sonya has bravely fought in the Mortal Kombat tournament, defending the Earth Kingdom and saving her partner Jax Briggs. She takes everything exceptionally seriously and doesn’t allow herself to rest, preferring instead to remain vigilant until all the realms are safe from conquest.

sonya mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung is a soul sorcerer and former Mortal Kombat aligner. Shang Tsung was born in the Earth Realm. His relentless pursuit of powerful magic led him to the outside world where Shao Kahn offered him a dark power he could not find in the Earth Realm. In exchange for this evil magic, Shang Tsung, swore eternal loyalty to Shao Kahn, but he is not a loyal servant. He dreams of the day when his magic will surpass Shao Kahn’s and strives with all his might to achieve this goal.

shang tsung mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

Johnny Cage

Jonny Cage is a B-list celebrity, winner of no acting awards. After a series of undemanding, direct-to-VHS sequels to Ninja Mime, Johnny Cage had his acting peak at 28. Now he fights superior opponents to save the Earth Kingdom and prove he’s an even braver hero in real life than he is on screen.

johnny cage mortal kombat – gamplay, watch the video

Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot is the shadow of the Underrealm. In life, Noob Saibot was known as Sub-Zero. He was unjustly murdered by Scorpion and then revived by Quan Chi, who granted him power over the darkness, but as his slave. With Quan Chi’s death, Noob Saibot is finally free to reclaim the honor that was taken from him.

mortal kombat 11 noob saibot – gameplay, watch the video


The Collector is the tribute collector of the outside world. The Collector was born into poverty and performed his duty as an imperial tribute collector with such zeal that he attracted Shao Kahn’s attention. The Collector stole the riches from the outside world’s people and rewarded himself in return with wealth and status. He kills everyone in his path to preserve all that.

mortal kombat kollector – gameplay, watch the video


Kitana is a 10,000-year-old assassin and princess of the outside world. Shao Kahn married Kitana’s mother and raised Kitana as a loyal heiress, hiding the truth that he killed her father to conquer Edenia. Now that the fact has come out, Kitana wants to avenge her father’s name.

kitana mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui is the daughter of Jax Briggs. Jacqui defied her father’s wishes by joining the Special Forces, and seeing the sacrifices he made as a soldier did not deter her. Instead, it awakened a desire in her to protect her family and home. She puts in the hard work and fights above her weight class, carrying on the Briggs legacy.

jacqui mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

Liu Kang

Liu Kang is a Shaolin monk and the champion of the Earth Kingdom. Liu Kang was an orphan adopted by the Shaolin Order and trained in martial arts. With his victory over Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and saving the Earth Kingdom as “the Chosen One” – a title that lies heavily on his shoulders – he brought honor to his order.

liu kang mortal kombat – gameplay, watch the video

sindel mortal kombat

Sindel is The former Queen of Edenia and will stop at nothing to maintain her power. Threatened with her throne’s loss when Shao Kahn conquered her kingdom, Sindel betrayed her husband and her people to keep her privileged position. Today, she is Shao Kahn’s wife and queen of the outside world. She enjoys power and wealth that most people cannot imagine. Good luck to all who try to take it from her.

mk11 sindel – gameplay, watch the video

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