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mobile legends apk 2

Download Mobile Legends APK

MOBA-style games are becoming increasingly popular, but until now, there has hardly been a good title of the subgenre for smartphones, especially when compared to competitors like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Mobile Legends is just as fun as League of Legends and can keep up with the original in the best possible way.

In the game, up to 5 vs., 5 players can compete. Using the tactical controls on the screen, you control your hero, and you have to try to destroy the enemy fortresses. At the same time, you also improve your territory, create new helpers and improve their abilities.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed and published by Moonton. Released in 2016, the game has become popular in Southeast Asia and was among the games selected for the inaugural medal event esports competition at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines.

Mobile Legends free download

Mobile Legends can be downloaded and played for free. Only for visual improvements, can you use money, but these are not necessary for the game fun. Thus, you can only prove yourself in battle through your abilities, but you can’t buy your success. While playing, you can unlock different heroes and gain experience in your specialization. Thus, you’ll be able to improve your position in international rankings.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beginner Guide

The game mechanics

After first starting Mobile Legends, you’ll have to play through a few tutorials. The opening tutorials are always a good idea; the other tutorials offered, well, not so much. Once those are done, or if you found a way to skip them, you’ll end up on the main screen shown below.

No, the screen doesn’t have chickenpox. Those little red dots you see there are letting you know that you should either set something, check out, or collect. So please do yourself a favor and check them out as soon as you can! For example, the daily quests as shown below. Earn rewards and get them!

If you skipped certain tutorials, you can still complete them afterward and should do so. You can access them later by clicking the “Prep” button at the bottom left of the main screen.

Each of these 3 tutorials that you complete contains a certain amount of Battle Points (BP). BP is used to buy various things in the store.

The Game Modes

You can access the game modes by clicking on the card in the middle, as shown on the main screen above. As you level up, more and more modes will be unlocked. When you reach level 8, every game mode is available. There is also a tutorial for each unlocked game mode.

The Heroes Screen

Here you can find all the heroes Mobile Legends has available. The list is not bad at all!

When you click on a hero, you will get detailed information about that hero. If you look at the screen’s top center area, you’ll notice a menu for sorting. In the store, there is an option to show only received heroes. If a hero is not shown as received here, you can buy it on the spot. Before you buy a hero, you can check his abilities. It is recommended to save your in-game wallet when you first start. Try out different heroes first to see which ones suit you best. Note that you also get heroes through rewards! It is definitely recommended to take the time to read and understand the descriptions of the hero’s abilities.

Clicking on the “Guides” button at the bottom left of a hero screen will give you specific information about the hero. As shown in the image below, scroll down a bit and see everything. If you scroll down further, there are also item builds for the character and a win rate corresponding to the item build, which can be very helpful.

The “Prep” button

At the bottom left of the main screen, you’ll see the “Prep” button (short for “preparations”). Here you’ll set up emblems, your skills, your equipment, quick chat messages, and complete the starting tutorials for some well-deserved bonus BP.

The Emblems

When you click on the Prep button, the Emblems tab will appear by default (see above). These are boosters for your heroes. They depend on the type of hero you want to use. Before you start a game, you can switch emblem setups as long as they are available and depending on the type of character you are currently using. Normally, Mobile Legends automatically selects an emblem setup. This is fine as long as you check it first. However, if you want to try a different emblem set up for a different hero, swap it out before the game starts.

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to take the time to read the skill descriptions. This is the idea behind trying out different emblem setups for different heroes as the emblem setups become available. If you scroll down the list, there are more.

The Skills

Some abilities are unlocked by leveling up. In the “Prep” section and before a game starts, you can set the ability you want here.

The Equipment

This is fun! Of course, the “Guide” section of Mobile Legends displays various item builds. In the “Build” section, you can set up a full set of item builds for each hero. Before a match starts, you can switch to any item build.

Again, highly recommended, take the time to read and understand what each item is useful for. This includes all of their effects and passives. Of course, it’s still your item build, no matter what others have to say about it! But you should definitely consider item builds that balance the heroes’ strengths and weaknesses. Your best bet is to aim for a nice mix of items and make sure there’s a Vamp effect in there.

Equipment in MOBA games is different from the usual equipment of heroes in games of other genres. Here you can’t buy the best attachment for your character in advance and rush into battle. Instead, the equipment is available to you directly on the battlefield.

When you destroy enemies, whether they are enemies controlled by artificial intelligence or real players, your hero will get gold coins. This currency can only be used during a match to improve ultimate abilities and spells and buy equipment.

All items in Mobile Legends are divided into four types: Attack, Magic, Defense, Hunting, and Movement. Depending on the type of character you prefer, you should buy items for a specific class.

Supports need items that reduce skill cooldowns and increase movement speed on the map.
For tanks, it is best to bring equipment that improves the hero’s health.
We recommend assassins buy items with bonuses for movement speed and equipment that boosts the hero’s attack.
Equipment that improves movement speed is best for shooters.

The group

You can find the squad button at the bottom right of the main screen. A squad here means a group of players who have decided to play together. Usually, they set up a schedule, or at least they really should! Think of it like a fixed squad. A squad can have up to 5 members, just like a random team.

The hero types

It’s an excellent idea to know the hero types. Mobile Legends offers a variety of hero types and mixed types. Each hero is in a different category. When you click on a particular hero on the hero screen, detailed information is displayed.

On the left side, you will see the available hero types in a separate tab.

For example, we have Eudora. Mage is the role, and burst damage/mow is the specialty. This means that she can be upgraded to hit like an asteroid! You’ll notice that some heroes have two roles as well. You need to understand what your chosen hero does for the match. Unfortunately, during your matches, you will find many random players who do not. You better not worry about that.

These heroes are hard to kill due to higher defense and hit points (HP). So their main focus is to absorb damage. Basically, they are the frontline heroes best suited to having other players behind them! But don’t succumb to the misconception that they can’t kill as much as they can absorb damage.

These are all-rounder types. They can take one hit, or 10, and deal plenty of damage. So trying to use them as support heroes won’t help you! Fighters have several ways to quickly close distances. Trying to run away from a fighter usually ends badly for the fugitive.

As the name suggests; very similar to a Fighter, but really deadly. Above all, they are not so easy to use for all players in every situation.

This type of hero is known as a ranged fighter. The funny part is that at the same time, Mages are not made of glass at all. Just take Alice in the upper right corner of the hero screenshot above, for example; she has a level 4 vamp effect in her abilities. So yes, you can be sure she can take serious damage and still keep going!

These are ranged bombers similar to mages but use physical damage instead of magic damage. They may not hit as hard as a mage (of course, that’s debatable), but they attack fast!

As the name suggests, these heroes are meant to help the team. But don’t succumb to any mistake here either: you shouldn’t turn your back on them, or you’ll be on the mat in record time!

The best heroes

Mobile Legend offers many playable characters, the list of which is constantly updated with new characters. Each of them is good in its own way and has unique abilities. So it’s hard to say which hero is better. Below we have prepared a list of good characters to try in 2020.

Leslie is a long-range marksman with a sniper rifle.
Nana is a hero mage who controls the minds of enemies.
Diggy is a “Pocket First Aid Kit” whose goal is to heal teammates and help them in battle in any way possible.
IxBorg is a warrior with great damage and even more protection.
Leomord is another tank that can attack enemies with a horse.
Helkart is an assassin with versatile abilities, both to destroy enemies and to help teammates.

How do I get skins?

You can obtain new skins in Mobile Legends in several ways:

Donating is the fastest and easiest way to get new skins for your heroes. Purchase skins for the currency “Diamonds”, which in turn is sold as a microtransaction in the game store.

Battle Pass: From time to time, the developers launch new events, for the purchase of which you will receive several new heroes, skins for them, and access to unique challenges and various rewards.

How do I get titles?

Titles in Mobile Legends can be acquired for individual heroes that you fight against in ranked matches. To get titles, you need to be among the best players in your region.

If you are a new user in the game, you must first reach the Mobile Legends’ eighth profile level. Once this happens, rating battles will be available to you. Many users experience the problem when such battles are not available even after reaching the required level. This is because you need to set up geolocation and allow the app to use your location.

To do this, open your profile (click on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen) and then click on the geolocation icon under the “Settings” button. A screen will prompt you to access your location. Let the app track your location and click the Refresh button. If the location information is displayed correctly, you can start the battle with the first rank.

If you have fought several such battles and take place among the best players in your region, it is worth waiting for a little. As a rule, the title information is updated at the beginning of each week. To activate the received title for your character, go to the profile settings, click the “Settings” button and select “Title”. You will see a window with the division of titles into ranks. What is the difference:

Junior – titles in this section are awarded for being at the top of the best players in your area.

Senior titles in this area are awarded for participation in the top of your city’s best players.

Top titles in this area are awarded for participation in the top of your country’s best players.

How to get diamonds

Currently, the only legal way to get diamonds in your account is to buy them in the game store for real money. Sometimes you get a similar currency as a bonus for logging in to the game every day or completing daily tasks.

How to change the server

In Mobile Legends, the server is automatically determined based on your geographical location. You can change it if you prevent the application from tracking your location and change your IP address using a VPN service. In this case, Mobile Legends will connect you to the nearest server using the changed IP address.

How to leave a clan

Clans in Mobile Legends are called “teams.” You can join existing teams from your region or create a team yourself. To create a team, you must have a level 20 player and pay 199 diamonds simultaneously. A team can consist of one to nine players.

To leave the team you are a member of, open the corresponding section in the game menu (in the lower right corner of the screen), select your team and click the “Leave Team” button.

How to earn money quickly

As with any game, there are different types of in-game currencies in Mobile Legends:

Battle Points: This currency is used to buy heroes and some items in the game store.

Diamonds – can be purchased for real money. Used to buy heroes, skins, and other items in the game store.

Battle points can be collected in several ways. First, you get such coins for participating in battles. Every week you can get a limited number of Battle Points. After that, you will no longer receive money for participating in battles.

The second way to collect Battle Points is to open gift chests in the main menu. There are two such chests: “Free Chest” and “Medal Chest”.

You can open a free chest every four hours. If, for some reason, you missed the opening of the next free chest, don’t worry; the last two chests will be saved and combined. Even if you did not calculate the time and were late to the game, you will definitely receive a reward from the last two chests.

The medal chest can be opened once a day. In addition to the standard rewards, including combat points and character experience, you’ll also get a reward set of emblems, several test skins, and a premium skin fragment.

Daily Activity: Complete simple daily tasks, increase your activity, and earn up to 230 battle points per day. You can track your daily activity in the corresponding section of the main menu.

Weekly Activity: In the Daily Activity section, you will find a chest with special rewards. All daily points are added up every week. If you accumulate at least 800 activity points, you can open the chest and receive 500 battle points and several useful items simultaneously.

Achievements – the game has a system of achievements for which you get some rewards, and for some of them, you get a decent number of combat points. As in any game, each achievement can be obtained only once on your account. But today, there are many achievements in Mobile Legend. So don’t hesitate to complete simple tasks to get rewards.

How to play Magic Chess

Magic Chess mode can be started once you reach the 9th level of the main menu account. In this mode, you will fight against one player. Place the heroes available in your inventory on the battlefield and improve them by combining them with the same heroes.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have to choose your destiny. The destiny concerns the three starting heroes that can be placed on the chessboard. In fact, this is absolute randomness since you can’t know for sure which lineup of heroes you’ll get.

Place your heroes on the battlefield and wait for the round to end. In the first round, the player with the stronger heroes wins. Next, you need to buy additional heroes and place them on the chessboard. Try to choose the same heroes, as such characters are combined into one, but more powerful—the more strong fighters you have in your squad, the higher your chances of winning.

At the end of each round, the loser loses a certain amount of health. If a player loses his health completely, he is considered a loser.

How to win a Mobile Legends game on the edge of your seat: top tips

Sometimes the options for winning a game in Mobile Legends seem much more limited than they are. While it’s true that you can’t win every game, you can still increase your chances of winning by not giving up when things don’t go your way.

There are several tips and strategies that you can use to ensure that the next game doesn’t end in defeat once things start to go slightly downhill.

Stay in the group

When the opposing team seems unstoppable, the worst thing you can do is let your entire team run around on their own. If you want to have a chance to turn the corner, after all, you need to stick together. The only way you can win in team battles is through teamwork.

If you’re playing with random people, cohesion is harder. If someone goes off on their own, don’t chase them; stay with the larger group of players to increase your winning chances.

There are a few reasons why this cohesion can help you turn the tide. First, if you stick together, you won’t have to worry about a teammate getting killed by the enemy team. Second, by working together in a coordinated way, you may still win the team fight.

Don’t stop farming

Once the laning phase is over, it’s very easy to get distracted by tearing down towers and killing other players, but never stop farming!

If you always tap the auto-attack button on the lane, you’ll farm minions with it. This way, you can collect plenty of gold and buy more items to turn the game around.

The opposing team’s advantages have limits – once they are built up to the maximum, more gold won’t help them. Therefore, it’s essential to keep farming to equalize the balance of power between you and your enemies and eventually tilt it back in the other direction.

Do not fight as a team if you are outnumbered

This goes hand in hand with our first tip. If you find that your entire team has drifted apart and the enemy team is particularly engaged, you and the rest of your team should retreat. In Mobile Legends, you definitely don’t want to fight when you’re outnumbered, even if you’re winning the game right now.

If you lose the game, you will be punished even harder for being outnumbered. Instead, it would be best to look for an opportunity where the opposing team has to split up and then establish superiority in each location as a team. In this case, you’ll have a better chance of killing the enemy players.

While enemy players are out of action, you have time to demolish towers or catch up by farming more minions.

Let your teammates have their turn

A crucial thing in Mobile Legends is to make sure that either your Marksman or an Assassin gets enough kills. If they don’t get enough kills, they won’t get enough gold to win in team fights either.

The Marksman and the Assassin are the primary damage dealers. So if you’re not playing the Marksman or an Assassin, make sure to leave these two players with as many kills as possible. The more kills these players get, the greater the chance of winning team fights.

When playing Marksman or Assassin’s role, you must try to get as many kills as possible. Stay with your team and work extra hard to get the last hit on each enemy so that you secure the kill and not someone else.

If you focus all the kills in a game on either an Assassin or the Marksman, you can easily turn the game in your favor, as long as the rest of the team protects the player with the most kills during the team fights.

Split Push

If you are playing a very “tanky” hero or a hero who can easily escape enemy players, you should try to switch to another lane while the rest of the players are distracted. If you can knock down more towers while the enemies are distracted, you can easily turn the game in your favor.

Split pushing is quite difficult to master – not only do you need to know when is the best time to start split pushing, but you also need to be able to escape enemies when they notice that you are following this tactic.

The best time for Split Pushing is when a player on the enemy team has just died. Once this happens, you can attack towers and not have to worry about the rest of your team being outnumbered in a team fight. If all enemy players are active, it may be best to stay with your team until you have scored some kills in the group.


Finally, our last tip is to remember that you should also relax from time to time. When defeats lead to stress and anger, you’ll lose focus, and turning around a game you almost lost will only get harder.

It’s also important to remember that you can’t win every single game. Sometimes the team you’re playing with may not be good enough. Sometimes the opposing team has too much of a lead for you to make a difference.

All you can do is play your best under the circumstances. If you follow the strategies in this guide, you’ll have a better chance of winning a game you almost lost, but you can’t win every single game, and that’s perfectly fine.

Mobile Legends Champions

Odette: Odette is good against crowds. When equipped with Spell Vampire and CD Reduction items, she withstands a lot of damage like a tank and deals insane damage herself.

Argus: Argus has a very cool third ability. He can get downright thrashed by the enemy and still walk away with a sizable chunk of his HP. The trick is to deal as much damage as possible while his third ability is active. Use his second ability to close the distance and his first ability to deal extra damage.

Grock: Grock works best near a wall, so his second ability should be your starting point for attacks. Then use his third ability to hopefully get you next to the freshly made wall and your target. Use his first ability for damage, slowing for targets, and immunity to crowd control effects.

Irithel: Irithel can deal very fast and hard. Use her third ability to get closer and get a damage boost. Then use her first skill to reduce the target’s physical armor. Then use the second skill to keep the target from running away too fast. Mix attack speed and damage booster items to get a decent killer hero. The other fun combination is attack speed and physical penetration.

Harley: Harley is a very deadly mage! Use his second ability to increase movement speed. This also serves as an escape method when you cast it again. Then cast his third ability to attack. From there, heat the target with the first skill. Use an item build with as much CD reduction and magic attack boost as possible.

Yi Sun-shin: This can be a tricky hero, so it may take a little while (but not too long) to get used to it. Except for his third skill, you have to aim well with him. The first 2 skills hit the first enemy target the hardest. If that closest enemy is not your intended target, the attack is of little use.

Ruby: The fighter who uses spell vamp! It’s hard to escape her because her second ability attracts a target and stuns them. Her third ability does the same thing. Use items with spell vamp and CD reduction for Ruby.

Sun: Sun is the duplicating monkey. The fun part is that it heals Sun when his clones attack. Mixing items for vamp and attack speed can make it really hard to kill him. The downside is that you have a hard time casting 5 basic attacks while trying to kill everything in 3 or fewer attacks!


  1. Use Chou’s second skill to charge up.
  2. Pick your target and use his first skill for all 3 hits.
  3. Use his third skill twice in a row.

You have plenty of opportunities to experiment with his item build!

Kagura: There’s a good reason why her difficulty is high! You really have to pay attention to how she uses her umbrella, which can get tricky. In any case, it’s a really nice combination of lethal and escape tactics.

Johnson: Johnson is a tank that relies heavily on high armor and high magic damage. The faster this “Transformer” moves before hitting a target with his third ability, the more damage he deals. A target running away is the perfect target for his third ability.

Moskov: Whether in a crowd or not, Moskov can really knock targets away. With his passive ability, you already have built-in CD reduction. The CD reduction in his passive doesn’t depend on the hits behind the target but on the hits from the target itself. Use attack speed and vampire items on him. Try to start your attacks with his third ability, especially if you are in a crowd.

Alpha: Your best bet with Alpha is to get as much CD reduction as possible from your item build. Every time you use one of his abilities, Beta will attack as well.

Zhask: It is Zhask’s first ability that you should not only use to launch an attack but also do everything you can to place it well. After placing it, you can think of it roughly as a stream attacking your enemies and providing an “extra copy” of the second skill. Do not use his fourth skill without first using his first. His third skill can be used either directly or as a trap/escape tactic.

Hylos: Hylos relies heavily on his emblem and item build to provide as much mana as possible. Yes, his abilities can be done with HP instead of MP. However, you should do this carefully so that you don’t run out of HP.

Helcurt: When an enemy uses a skill on Helcurt, he himself is silenced. So enemy combos won’t work as well. However, if you are surrounded, you better be quick with the third and first skill combo.

Franco: Franco can definitely get into a fight as a tank. As long as he doesn’t get hit, he can regenerate his HP pretty quickly. The 1% HP regeneration doesn’t seem like much, but it does matter a lot when his HP is high.

Akai: Akai has a shield that activates every time he uses a skill. So CD reduction items are useful for him. Note that you need to time the use of your skills to maximize the time this shield is available to you. Also, note that his third skill knocks back targets and does less damage on repeated hits to the same targets.

Karina: Karina relies on a high attack speed, critical hit rate (basic attacks), and high spell power from her item build and/or emblems. Getting a kill of assist with this hero will significantly reduce the skill cooldown. Given that, the item build may look a bit lousy.

Natalia: Natalia is a “back fighter!” She gets extra damage when attacked from behind. With her second ability, she is not hit by base attacks. Her first ability is great for getting behind enemies and using her third ability.

Hayabusa: Hayabusa hat eine Regeneration in seinem Passiv, was auf den ersten Blick schon sehr vielversprechend aussieht. Aber seine Fähigkeiten können sogar mehrere Male treffen. Seine erste Fähigkeit kann einige seiner MP regenerieren, aber du musst nah am Ziel sein, damit alle 3 Shuriken dasselbe Ziel treffen.

Lolita: Lolitas Schilde können ihr sicherlich beim Überleben helfen, aber nur gegen Fernkampfangriffe. Gegnerische Helden, die ihre Fähigkeiten einsetzen, können tüchtig auf sie einschlagen. Sie hat viel zu tun, bevor sie die volle Wirkung ihrer zweiten und dritten Fähigkeiten wirklich entfalten kann.

Gatotkaca: Er ist ein schwerer Tank! Sein Ziel ist es, gegen stärkere Gegner mit vielen HP anzutreten. Dies wird nicht immer einfach sein, da die meisten Leute ziemlich mit dem Töten von Gegnern beschäftigt sind und nicht darauf warten, dass sie zuerst stärker werden. Aber er schlägt auf jeden Fall sehr heftig zu!

Vexana: Sie ist eine echte „Kontroll-Freak“-Nekromantin! Steigere ihre magische Kraft so weit wie möglich über Gegenstände. Sie kann schon ziemlich hart zuschlagen, aber du willst sicherstellen, dass sie auch töten kann. Sobald sie einen oder mehrere Helden getötet hat, verschlimmern ihre Marionetten die Situation für alle Gegner.

Lapu-Lapu: Lapu-Lapu gibt sich nach einiger Zeit durch seine grundlegenden Angriffe einen Schild. Solange du dich daran erinnern kannst, was jede seiner Fähigkeiten bewirkt, hat er einige großartige Bewegungen, um entweder die Distanz zu verringern oder zu entkommen. Als Held, der bei den Fighters und Assassins gelistet ist, kann er mit Sicherheit viel Schaden anrichten!

Lancelot: Seine dritte Fähigkeit macht ihn für die Dauer der Fähigkeit (Aufladen und Angriff) unbesiegbar. Es ist also eine gute Taktik, um am Leben zu bleiben, auch wenn es nur für einige Sekunden ist. Er hat Vamp in seiner zweiten Fähigkeit, aber diese ist begrenzt. Du kannst seine erste Fähigkeit ein paar Mal auf neue Ziele anwenden.

Diggie: Although Diggie is listed as a Support-type Hero, this is limited to a shield for all allies during the casting of his third ability. From there, the same third ability makes all allies immune to CC effects. The fun part is that he turns into an egg to avoid dying!

Karrie: Karrie is a Marksman-type hero that can work well against Tank-type heroes. Her passive shows up with real damage based on a percentage of an enemy hero’s HP. So with that, she rolls over tanks like a freight train! Note that she has a high difficulty.

Roger: Roger is a pretty decent hero, despite being listed as a Marksman and Fighter. As with some other heroes, you have to remember what his abilities do, or you’ll quickly find yourself underground. Roger has a variety of effects depending on his form when you use one of his abilities.

Fanny: Fanny’s difficulty is pretty high. Aside from an effect that can reduce the distance (repeated if used in less than 3 seconds), she relies on brute force to kill enemies. Her abilities have no additional effects otherwise.

Gord: Gord relies on a very high spellcasting power. Once he has enough of it, defeating enemies won’t take long. Mixing spell vamp and CD reduction in his item build only make it harder to evade him! Watch out for stuns and heroes who can move quickly with their abilities. These will keep him from hitting his targets with full force.

Aurora: Aurora can hit like an asteroid with her third ability! However, use CD reduction items as often as possible to improve her passive. Then spam her first ability. Your abilities have a high Area of Effect (AoE), so spell vamp items help a lot.

Estes: If you look up the term “support” in a dictionary, you should find your photo. It’s definitely a good idea to hold him back so others can do the work for you! However, with his second ability, you can prevent enemies from running away quickly.

Hilda: Hilda fights well in the jungle. Use her second skill three times in hopes of pushing enemies into the jungle. Her third skill depends on you getting kills or assists. For the extra effects that really make a difference, she needs a total of 10 of them.

Cyclops: Cyclops needs some distance for his third ability to really hit. It’s best to use this on an enemy while you’re chasing them. His first and second abilities go well with his passive. Don’t skimp on using CD reduction and spell vampire items!

Rafael: Rafael is quite versatile! While attacking, enemies are slowed down by her abilities. Her support abilities speed up allies. Increase her CD reduction and magic power with items.

Minotaur: As a Tank type hero, his goal is to let the enemy surround him simply because he can. As a support-type hero, your goal should be to push the attack. Ensure you include attack speed in his item build to get into Rage Mode as quickly as possible.

Alucard: With his passive, he makes it pretty hard to escape. You’ll need to use his abilities and basic attacks to make his effects work well, but it might take some practice on your part.

Bruno: Bruno has a nice boost to critical hits. But to take full advantage of it, you need to use his abilities a total of 5 times. Aside from that, you’d have to bounce his third ability a few times off two or more heroes. A CD reduction in his item build helps increase the critical rate.

Alice: Alice is one of those magical heroes who can also tank. Spell vampire and CD reduction items help a lot in this endeavor. Your combo should consist of landing behind an enemy with the first ability. Attack the opponent and hope that he approaches. Use the second and third abilities for stun and vamp.

Eudora: You must try to spam her basic attack and first ability, hoping to reduce the targets’ magic resistance. Then her second and third abilities can really make a difference! There is a way to get her to make 120,000 points of damage! Now that’s a feat.

NaNa: NaNa is a fun heroine. Her real problem is that her abilities are slow to take effect compared to other heroes. So keep your distance from your targets when attacking. Don’t rely too much on her passive for gold.

Balmond: Balmond is more of a suitable fighter than a tank. But he will need a CD reduction in his item build. When you combo, use his first ability to get closer. Then use his second ability to deal additional damage. If the target’s HP is below half, you should kill with his third ability.

Bane: Bane benefits greatly from Vamp effects due to his Splash Damage. Make sure you include them in his item build. His passive doesn’t depend on attack speed, but if you managed to get Vamp for his basic attacks, attack speed would obviously help.

Saber: Saber can be a bit more difficult to play. Use his second ability to get closer. Deal some damage and use his third ability. If the enemy manages to run away from you, use Saber’s first ability while chasing from a distance. You can also use his first ability to get on the enemy’s nerves from the start!

Tigreal: Tigreal is the tank hero that can definitely keep enemies at bay! This is fine since his attacks increase both resistances. You need to be vigilant against those who have transformations and/or boost effects in their abilities.

Clint: Clint’s abilities can also keep enemies close enough to him. Just be sure of two things: first, try to avoid accidentally catapulting yourself into a stream with his second ability, and second, spam his third ability up to 5 times.

Miya: Miya is quick on the attack. Attacking and using items in her item build that increase attack speed will only make her faster. Mix in some vamp effects, and she will be terribly difficult to defeat.

Freya: Sie ist die einzige Heldin, die als Aufladegeschenk gewonnen wird. Nur diejenigen, die echtes Geld für das Spiel ausgeben, können sie gewinnen.

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