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Minecraft PE APK is an android version of the most famous video game in the world. Minecraft PE is a game played by a wide range of people worldwide as it gives players opportunities to design and showcase their abilities on a widely popular platform.

You can play the Minecraft game on many different platforms, including android, for which we have provided you with the apk file in this article. Minecraft PE can also be played in multiplayer mode and is still famous among gamers after a long run. This game can be considered an open platform as there are many open-source levels available for the game.

Now I will not waste your time explaining and stuff, and you can download the apk file you are looking for from the link provided below.

download Minecraft Pocket Edition icon

Download Minecraft PE APK

The way of playing, the sounds, the textures, and much more are very similar or almost identical to the Minecraft Java Edition. Within a three-dimensional world, the player can break down and place blocks, fight against opponents, and much more.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition offers three instead of five game modes: Survival, Creative, and the Adventure mode. Not available are the hardcore and observer mode. Furthermore, several game elements of the Java Edition are not available in the Minecraft Pocket Edition, including the drive lore and the cooldown. Also, the Pocket Edition family contains a few game elements that are not available in the Minecraft Java Edition or other game editions.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition was created and developed by Mojang AB. The version for Windows phone devices was developed by Microsoft in 2014. After Mojang was sold to Microsoft at the end of 2014, Microsoft developed a Windows 10 Edition based on the Pocket Edition. Both editions contain the same code.

Minecraft apk free download

Minecraft mod apk of pocket version comes with many exciting tips. It is entirely free to play Minecraft, and you have not to pay a single penny.

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Standard Minecraft PE was created by Mojang AB and is being further developed by them. It was first shown at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) on a Sony Xperia PLAY and was released on August 16, 2011. A few weeks later, versions for other Android and iOS devices followed. In 2014 versions for Fire TV and Windows Phone were added.

Minecraft PE apk is an android version of a very famous video game Minecraft that is recognized worldwide. You can install Minecraft apk on any android device.

The provided Minecraft APK above is the pocket edition, which is actually not free, but when downloading the PE apk file from us, you get it for free.

The Android app “Minecraft Pocket Edition” (Minecraft PE) brings the well-known computer game to your Android device.

The game classic Minecraft is now available as “Minecraft Pocket Edition” for your Android smartphone.

Like the PC version, the mobile Minecraft world also features monsters, animal villages, and caves. You can explore the landscapes together with friends via WLAN.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK: Popular computer game also on Android

The infinite worlds of the Minecraft Pocket Edition can be explored in different ways. You can choose between Creative Mode with unlimited resources and Survival Mode. In the latter, you start with nothing and build your empire piece by piece. You will have to produce essential weapons and tools to be armed against various dangers and creatures.

What is Minecraft?

You Have The World In Your Hand
Prepare yourself for an adventure with countless possibilities as you build, work in the mine, fight mobs, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.

Whatever you dream of, you can build it in Minecraft. Let your imagination and unlimited resources run wild in Creative Mode.

Minecraft is a phenomenon of recent game history. It was released in 2009 and has sold over 100 million copies. When Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson published the game in a small forum, he hardly suspected it would make him a billionaire five years later.

In 2014, his company Mojang was bought by Microsoft for an incredible 2.5 billion dollars. Minecraft exists for desktop computers, consoles, and handheld devices and has over 40 million players per month. Most of them are children and teenagers.

Minecraft, initially developed by Mojang and later purchased by Microsoft. You can explore endless scenarios, experience all kinds of adventures, and build as you please with the available blocks and resources.

Minecraft Bedrock

Bedrock Edition refers to the officially “Minecraft” versions of the game, enabling cross-platform play between mobile devices, consoles, and PCs.

Technically, it has its origin in the Pocket Edition on mobile devices and/or its offshoots for Windows 10 (Windows 10 Edition), Gear VR (Gear VR Edition), and Fire TV (Fire TV Edition) and represents a merger of these.

What Is Bedrock Minecraft

Starting with the Xbox One!
The Bedrock Edition was ported to consoles, where it replaces the original console edition for each console (Xbox One Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, and PlayStation 4 Edition).

The Pi Edition, the Apple TV Edition, and the New Nintendo 3DS Edition are also offshoots of the Bedrock Edition.
But the development of these offshoots has been discontinued, so there has been no unification with other versions.

Minecraft Ps4 Bedrock

On December 10, 2019, the Bedrock Edition was ported to the PlayStation 4.
It is the only Minecraft Edition, besides the Java Edition, that is actively developed further.

On July 8, 2020, the discontinuation of the Bedrock Edition for devices with Windows 10 Mobile, the Gear VR, and weaker Android devices was announced.
In October 2020, the Bedrock Edition discontinuation for iPhones / iPads with iOS 10 or older was announced.

The Bedrock Edition offshoots for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also backward compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Still, they are not separate offshoots adapted to the new consoles.
The new hardware is not fully utilized, and some features may not be available.

What to build in Minecraft PE APK?

It is what is usually called a sandbox game. There is no other concrete goal than to survive while wandering through an endless world and building and destroying objects with the available blocks (stone, grass, iron, granite, etc.).

The worlds of this game are generated randomly.
Every world is unique. There are no equal worlds which guarantee a completely new adventure. Every team starts a new game.

The pixel graphics is one of the most distinctive aspects of this game, to such an extent that every game that is started afterward with the same retro graphics is often defined as a Minecraft-inspired game.
And there are many of them because due to the massive success after the launch in 2011.
Dozens of clones seemed to try to gain so much popularity.

How is Minecraft PE played?

There are four game modes in Minecraft PE APK: Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator.

Survival mode is the “classic” way to play the game. You have a health bar and a hunger bar, which go back if you are attacked or don’t eat anything. You can create things and trade with mined resources. From armor to tools – the possibilities are enormous. The game is played on different difficulty levels, whereby no monsters appear on the lowest one, and the player never goes hungry.

In Creative Mode, you have inexhaustible resources, and you can fly through the world. This mode is comparable to a gigantic Lego playground. There are no limits to creativity. Millions of elaborate works on the Internet are proof of this.

The Adventure Mode was invented to experience the maps created by users. In adventure mode, you are exposed to the restrictions of the respective map creator.

If you are more passive, choose the Spectator Mode. Here you can observe the whole world and the events as a spectator without having any influence. For example, you can also take the perspective of monsters.

You control the game with the mouse or the joypad – just like in most role-playing or strategy games. The key assignment can be modified.

How to play Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Guide

You play the game Minecraft for the first time? You want to know how it works? You are looking for a Minecraft tutorial? Then watch this video:

Minecraft how to make a map

The map of the game is handy for any player. But not many know how to create a map in Minecraft. First of all, it is a kind of sheet that shows the character’s position and terrain. To place new biomes on it, you need to hold the map in your hands continually. The game map’s advantage is that it does not affect movement, even when it is in your hands.

learn more… watch the video how to make a Minecraft map

How Many People Play Minecraft PE?

The majority of the mentioned millions of players are between 15 and 21 years old. About 80 percent of the players are male.

The reasonably broad mix of the players is probably what makes the game so appealing. Almost generations come together to build and experience gigantic fantasy worlds together at Minecraft Pocket Edition apk. The multiplayer mode works online and also in the local network.

Is Minecraft Pocket Edition for kids?

Minecraft PE apk – age rating

The official age rating is Pegi 7. For some story versions Pegi 12. The game is very harmless, not least because of the very rudimentary graphics. Apart from the almost cute monsters, there are few scary moments. Minecraft is even used in schools (as part of the MinecraftEdu edition), which was developed especially for school environments).

Multiplayer on Minecraft

Minecraft PE apk Multiplayer mode is the server-based version of Minecraft, which, as the name suggests, allows multiple players to play together in one world. Players can build buildings or fight with other players, for example.

A server provides a Minecraft world that players connect over the www with their clients. There are large servers that are designed for several hundred players.

As an alternative, Mojang offers the Minecraft Realms servers. Or you can download the official Minecraft server from Mojang and start it to play with your friends.

Different game modes can be distributed on a server, which allows some players to be in a different game mode than others. Players can also be appointed as operators, which gives them access to some commands, such as setting the time or teleporting players.

Minecraft Server

Minecraft multiplayer servers.bjb .io

You can search the www for minecraft server lists, a selection is available here:

Minecraft PE APK – how to play with friends in LAN

If you want to play within a local area network (LAN) with friends or siblings in the same house – you can do so without an internet connection because you can publish a single player world in a LAN.

  1. You set up a “Dedicated Server” that runs day and night and where you and your friends can join at any time. To do this, download the Minecraft Server .jar file and start it first. You accept the EULA by setting the value at the bottom of the Euler file created by the server from “false” to “true.” Restart the server he should run properly.
  2. If you want to play Minecraft with someone else in the same network, start Minecraft as usual. Create a new world or load a score. Now press Escape and then twice on “Open to Lan.” The game now gets a port, which is shown in the chat window. It is now accessible in the local network.
  3. Another possibility is to use an external Minecraft public server. There may be costs for the server, which you can share with your friends. Depending on the provider, these costs vary, but you will receive support if there are problems with the server.

What is smite in Minecraft PE APK?

Smite is a Minecraft enchantment. Smite-Enchantment is one of many that players can use to their advantage in Minecraft. Of course, like many Enchantments in Minecraft, it’s not clear precisely what it does.

What does smite do in APK Minecraft PE?

Smite is an enchantment that can be placed on any sword or ax. Once this is the case, the damage inflicted on undead mobs increases.
With each level you increase the Smiting Enchantment, you add 2.5 damage to undead mobs with each hit. The highest enchantment level of Smite is level 5.

APK Minecraft PE Enchanting

As always, with an enchantment, it’s all about a little RNG luck.
You must set up your enchantment table and place the sword or ax you wish to enchant and a lapizlazuli on top of it. If you already have a book with the Smite-enchantment, you can easily enchant your weapon with it.

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