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League of Legends: Wild Rift is a standalone version of the popular MOBA that will first be released for Android and iOS. Later, it will also be released for consoles. The gameplay remains the same. You fight together with four other players against an enemy team. There is also the familiar Summoners Rift map and, of course, leaderboards. However, the rounds will be much shorter, and the controls will be adapted for the respective platforms.

league of legends wild rift 2 download

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

League of Legends: Wild Rift brings an outstanding MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) experience to mobile devices. The controls perfectly suited for touchscreen devices, exceptional graphics, and many heroes to choose from are just some of this game’s strengths.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends. It is a standalone game announced in October 2019 and has been in development by Riot Games and Tencent for three years. Currently, it is in a beta phase, which will start for players from Europe on December 10. Then everyone will be able to try out Wild Rift. Wild Rift will also be released for consoles at a later date.

League of Legends: Wild Rift free download

LoL Wild Rift APK comes with many exciting tips. Just like the original League of Legends, it is entirely free to play, and you have not to pay a single penny.

What is League of Legends?

In League of Legends, two teams of 5 players fight each other in a battle arena. This usually consists of 3 lanes, along which minor minion NPCs run. Between these lanes is the jungle with NPCs that give players gold and buffs.

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s main building. In doing so, you’ll play a fixed champion who, during the game, collects experience points to level up and farms gold to buy items for it.

How does Wild Rift differ from the classic LoL?

Since this is a game on the smartphone, there must inevitably be changes to the controls. Accordingly, all controls have to be executed via touch on the screen. Simplifying elements, such as the automatic attacking of enemies, help you better follow the small screen’s gameplay. This is a supportive mechanic, especially for beginners.

If you click on the attack button, your character will attack the next enemy in your range. If you hold down the attack button, you can set a target to be automatically attacked by you throughout the game. However, you will not attack until the target is within range. With another click on the attack button, your character will automatically run to the enemy.

One of the most significant differences between League of Legends and LoL Wild Rift is in the items. There are no potions, nor are there “Dorans items” that you usually start a round with. There is only one item that you can actively use: your shoes. Clicking on them will increase your movement speed for a short time.

Enchanting your shoes will give you a shield or make you invulnerable, for example. Support items, such as Jungle items and Mythic items, are also not available in LoL Wild Rift. You will recognize many familiar items, but they have adapted stats or other special features. Therefore, pay close attention to what you buy.

  • Wild Rift will give you customized twin-stick controls that allow you to control characters on touchscreens.
  • There will be a personalized champion pool to start with
  • The game relies on slightly customized graphics and new animations
  • A round should last between 10 and 20 minutes and thus be somewhat shorter than in classic LoL

What game modes does Wild Rift offer?

As in League of Legends itself, Wild Rift is all about the Summoner’s Rift map. There are several modes there:

Normal – Each player chooses the champion they like.
Ranked – ranked games where you sign up for a fixed position
Co-op vs. AI – games against bots
Custom – Custom lobbies where you can gamble with friends or other players.

Wild Rift also offers a training mode where you can test different champions and items. There you can also remove cooldowns and make other adjustments to play around wildly.

How does the Ranked work?

To participate in the ranked games, you must first reach level 10 in Wild Rift. However, no specific number of champions is required, unlike the PC game.

The mobile version also does without League Points (LP). Instead, you work your way up via a win/loss counter. The ranks are:


You can also play Ranked with your friends, either with 2, 3, or 5 players. However, no distinction is made between solo/duo/flex cue.

What champions does LoL Wild Rift have?

As in LoL itself, there are a certain number of champions that are available to you for free. However, if you want to have access to all 61 champions, you have to unlock them – either for in-game or real-money currency.

AnnieGarenMaster YiTristana
AsheGragasMiss FortuneTwisted Fate
Aurelion SolGravesNamiVarus
BraumJarvan IVOlafVayne
DianaJinxRakanXin Zhao
Dr. MundoKatarinaShyvannaZed
Lee Sin
Current Champions in Wild Rift

Are there any other special features?

Unlike League of Legends, Wild Rift has something like daily login rewards. These require that you complete at least one game per day within a certain period.

Login rewards can be used to unlock blue essences, stickers, and champions. In a video from YouTuber Healthcliff Gaming, for example, you can see Miss Fortune as a reward for day three and the Cowgirl skin on day 8:

Does Wild Rift work for complete novices?

Yes, those making their first LoL experience with Wild Rift will be gently taken by the hand.
There are:

  • several tutorials
  • many free champions and a trial mode
  • some simplified mechanics, especially around items and last hits (we’ll get into that later)
  • Tooltips, which also assist in the match itself

According to the developers, Wild Rift is supposed to be more beginner-friendly than the PC version. It can even be an advantage to start from scratch with Wild Rift. There are some differences compared to LoL, especially in the area of controls and mechanics.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Guide

How to play a round of Wild Rift

In Wild Rift, there is not as much lead time as on the PC. Before you even reach the outermost tower on Summoner’s Rift, the minions have already appeared and are marching down the much shorter lane. The shortened waiting times and the shorter walking distances ensure that the mobile version plays extremely fast and action-packed.

There are more frequent ganks and fights, faster First Bloods, and shorter waiting times after death. Of the 13 matches against other players, most ended within 7 to 15 minutes. Only one went to minute 28, and that was an extremely close match over the entire time.

Wild Rift uses everything you know from LoL:

-You slip into the familiar five roles of AD-Carry, Supporter, Jungler, Midlaner, and Top-Laner.
-Various items can be bought with gold. This, in turn, you get for kills and last hits.
-Each champion has four skills, which are unlocked and improved by level-ups.
-The goal is to take out the enemy nexus or kill them so often that they eventually give up.

In Wild Rift, there are five different roles

In the game’s tutorial, you already learn that the 61 champions in the game have different abilities. However, the different roles are only briefly discussed.

There are five positions in a team that you can take:

  • Topline – also called Baron Lane in Wild Rift.
  • Midlane
  • Botlane – also called Dragon-Lane
  • Supporter
  • Jungler

The Toplane: One player usually occupies the top lane, and usually, it is a champion who could theoretically survive a one vs. 2. Therefore, these champions are usually tanks or have many survival skills, such as blocks, dodges, or high mobility.

The toplane’s job is roughly not to die and to provide vision for the Herald or Baron. In later team fights, they usually take on the tank’s role, although there are exceptions like Fiora or Vayne.

The Midlane: Also, in the Midlane, there is always one player alone, but here the focus of the champions is set differently. Mostly strong mages or assassins are used, which can cause a lot of damage.

The reason for this is that the jungler and the botlane, and the toplane can often briefly come into the middle to help their midlaner. While the latter is alone most of the time, it is not as isolated as the toplane is.

The botlane: The botlane is usually played by two players: the carry and the supporter.

The carry is often a shooter or now and then a mage supported by a supporter. He is relatively weak at the beginning of the game but becomes stronger and stronger through items and has to fulfill an essential role in the endgame.

The supporter, in turn, takes care that the carry survives the initial period. Most of the time, it is a classic healer or a tank that absorbs the enemies’ damage.

The Jungler: The Jungler does not follow a classic lane but moves right in between. In this jungle, there are neutral monsters that he can kill to earn gold and collect XP.

His task is to visit the different lanes irregularly to create an outnumbering situation for a short time and thus defeat enemies. Junglers are often champions who do well on their own.

Objects are more critical than kills

Wild Rift plays more dynamically and faster than League of Legends. That’s what was so fascinating during the first rounds. However, you quickly run the risk of seeing killing champions as the most crucial task.

But the objects on the map are much more important than kills. There are several of them:

  • A total of 9 towers (3 per lane).
  • The dragon
  • The Herald
  • The Baron
  • Buffs
  • The Nexus

The goal of the game is to eliminate the Nexus. And you can only do that if you have destroyed all three towers on at least one lane beforehand. So it won’t do you any good to have dozens of kills if you never reach the Nexus on your own.

Despite being behind, the enemy team can suddenly win a team fight with a buff from the Baron or Dragon, even though they always lost before.

In LoL and also Wild Rift, team performance plays an important role. And that includes defeating the objects and destroying the Nexus together.

Last Hits play a significant role – also in Wild Rift

Your Last Hits still play an essential role in LoL Wild Rift, but there are small changes here as well. The last Hit is the death blow that you give to an enemy. Compared to the PC version, you get more gold with each last Hit. However, it is enough for an enemy to die near you to receive gold as well.

Last hits in League of Legends: Wild Rift bring about four times more gold than the death of an enemy that merely died near you. Landing the Last Hit has also become more manageable. Your character will automatically target the enemy with the fewest health points. Just keep moving and tracking your target as you continue to attack them.

The new way of handling gold ensures that matches are played faster and remain more balanced. While your opponents in the PC version can gain a quick advantage by dominating a lane, earning gold indirectly in the mobile version ensures that they don’t immediately leave you behind without being able to catch up.

Since you need items to be strong enough in the late-game, gold plays an important role. Even if you don’t get any kills on your lane, you can significantly advantage over the other players with many Last Hits.

Learn to play one Champion first

If you’re playing Wild Rift for the first time, you’ll probably want to try out all of the champions. But that can be a significant disadvantage. After all, each champion plays differently, and it’s hard to master many at once.

It’s better to specialize in one of the five roles after the first few rounds and specialize in a particular champion as soon as possible and perfect it.

After all, in Wild Rift, you not only have to master your champion but also get to know the items, keep an eye on the map, focus on last hits, and communicate with your team. It helps if you don’t have to read through every skill as well.

The more you master the game’s basics, the more champions you can add to your pool. However, you should still be in the same position to avoid too much confusion here as well.

Controlling the Map in LoL Wild Rift

If you have already mastered your champion a bit, you should start keeping an eye on the map. It will tell you a lot about the entire course of the game:

You can see if your allies are winning or losing.
You can see where the other players are and draw conclusions for further action. If you’re playing in the middle and can’t see the enemies from Toplane or Botlane, for example, they could be on their way to you for a kill.
You’ll see how many objects are left and who is in the process of securing one.
The better you get, the more you can focus on the entire game and not just your lane. And that’s what’s essential for a good LoL player.

Always provide “vision” on the map
With vision on the map comes visibility on it. And you can improve it through the “Wards”. For this purpose, every player has an item with him from the beginning, with which such a Ward can be placed. It is stationary and provides a revealed map around itself. So you’ll see enemy champions moving near a Ward.

These little helpers are also invisible unless you swap the Ward item. In Base, you can switch at any time – either place a Ward or use the item to uncover enemy Wards.

Visibility on the map plays an important role. Therefore, you should always place wards by the Baron and Dragon to see when your opponents are attacking them.

Intact towers are just as important because they also give visibility. If you destroy a tower, you take away the other team’s visibility and also a bit of security – after all, they help in battle. That’s why they are also among the virtual objects.

Don’t get too greedy

A classic mistake that beginners and pros alike make is greed. An enemy has few health points, and you should be able to take them quickly and get a kill.

But you overestimate yourself, underestimate yourself or the situation, die, and end up pissed off – mainly at yourself. And through this death, the opponent then gains gold and time and can suddenly dominate a lane you had under control.

So rather be a little cautious and go for last hits instead of getting too greedy. “Greed is Feed” is often said in LoL.

What are the best Champions in Wild Rift?

Toplane Tier List

Dr. Mundo
C-TierJarvan IV
Lee Sin

What makes the S-Tier characters so strong? Olaf is the perfect top laner to single-handedly dominate a match. Because if you win your lane and get a kill or two, you can quickly influence the entire game from there. With his skills, he can quickly defeat minions and keep opponents at a distance with his axe throw “Undertow”. Other melee fighters especially have trouble with Olaf.

Malphite is a solid tank pick for the toplane and tends to come up trumps later in teamfights.

Darius on the other hand is a strong melee fighter and can do a lot of damage. He should not be underestimated in the top lane.

Midlane Tier List

Twisted Fate
Aurelion Sol

What makes the S-Tier characters so strong? Orianna deals a lot of damage and can constantly deal damage with skill shots in the lane. Due to the adjusted regeneration in Wild Rift, she rarely runs out of mana. This makes her an unpleasant opponent.

Zed has the great advantage that his skill kit benefits greatly from setting a target. This makes the character easy to control on the smartphone. In addition, he brings a great damage potential with him.

Jungler Tier List

Lee Sin
Xin Zhao
B-TierJarvan IV
Master Yi

What makes the S-Tier characters so strong? Lee Sin is by far the strongest jungler in the game. He is versatile, fast and strong in ganks. However, he is not that easy to control, especially on the smartphone.

Besides Lee Sin, especially Gragas and Olaf are strong at the moment. They bring a lot of damage and can gank the lane well.

AD-Carry Tier List

Miss Fortune
C-TierTwisted Fate

What makes the S-Tier characters so strong? Ezreal has an incredible amount of skill shots that annoy and damage enemies in the lane. He also rarely runs out of mana due to the adjusted regeneration.

Jhin, on the other hand, scores with his high damage and is slightly stronger than Ezreal, especially in the lategame on a crit build.

Support Tier List


What makes the S-Tier characters so strong? Braum is tanky and offers an incredibly good set of abilities. His first ability, Winter’s Bite, is especially useful in the early game for dealing a bit of damage, while Ultimate Glacial Fissure is a force in the lategame with the knockup.

Alistar, on the other hand, offers a tremendous amount of CC, yet is tanky and that’s why it’s so strong as a Supporter.

Blitzcrank is especially popular and successful because he can draw enemies to him. This can be done very precisely with a little practice on the smartphone. Especially now, when some still have problems with the controls and the speed of the game, Blitzcrank is really strong.

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