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In the free game Hay Day you’ll have to grow plants and at the same time make sure that your animals are cared for on the farm. The farm action is accompanied by cute cartoon graphics equipped with high-resolution textures.

Hay Day apk

Download Hay Day APK

The farm simulation for smartphones or tablets is a lot of fun. Each level offers new possibilities, so it doesn’t get boring even after playing. The waiting times for harvest products can get annoying.

Hay Day is a mobile game from the game developer Supercell based on the free-to-play model. The game was released on June 21, 2012 for iOS and November 20, 2013 for Android and has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play.

Hay Day free download

Hay Day APK comes with many exciting tips. It is entirely free to play, and you have not to pay a single penny.

What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is a typical farm simulation for the smartphone. Like a good farmer or a good farmer, our goal is to keep the farm running. We grow crops, fruits, and vegetables and keep pigs, chickens, and cows. The harvest and animal products can then be sold. In addition, we can buy machines that process produce into bread, butter, sugar, or pancakes.

The demand changes over time. People are always coming to the farm with orders. In addition, there is a bulletin board on which new orders are regularly pinned. A truck delivers the supplies and brings back money.

The highlight: Everything needs a certain real-time to grow or to be produced. So you have to show planning skills and calculate what has to be done first so that the other actions can follow. Building new equipment and production facilities also take time. In the beginning, Hay Day is still relatively straightforward and simple but needs more and more tactical skills the bigger the farm is. The waiting time can be shortened by using the premium currency diamonds. However, these are very rare. You only get them for particular game actions, or you have to buy them.

The farm is located on fallow land, surrounded by trees and a river. In the course of the game, the farm becomes larger and larger due to stables, silos, etc., so that you have to cut down trees or blow up large rocks to cultivate. Afterward, everything can be rearranged and redesigned, and the farm can be embellished with decorative elements.

The casual game is endlessly playable because the farm is never finished. To keep you playing, there are different levels. In each level, new possibilities are unlocked: the market store, a fishing boat, a gold mine. Trophies and tools are given as rewards for specific achievements, such as producing a certain number of eggs.

From a certain level, players can join communities with up to thirty others. So the social aspect is not neglected. You can also connect with your Facebook friends, visit each other’s farms, and help each other out when there are supply bottlenecks.

How to play Hay Day on PC?

However, it should be said in advance that this is not an official PC version of Hay Day. Instead, you can run the Android version on Windows with little effort. You will need the Bluestacks software for this. You can download it for free.

To play Hay Day on PC, follow these steps:

  1. Download Bluestack
  2. Install Bluestack
  3. Download our APK and drag it into Bluestacks
  4. Log in with Google account

Now you can start Hay Day on your computer. Please note that Hay Day has not been optimized for PC play. Some bugs and problems may occur. An official Facebook version of Hay Day or a standalone browser game is not yet planned. However, due to the popularity and success of the farming game, a PC version is quite conceivable.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Tips for starters

Many people can’t wait to move up in Hay Day. For you to succeed, you need one thing above all: points. We’ll show you how to get points quickly:

  • Pay attention to the order board and fulfill the orders that give you the most points.
  • Produce what you can so that you can sell as much of it as possible. This is incredibly convenient when street sales are open for you.
  • Serve the customers who visit you. This usually doesn’t earn you too much money, but it does make your points.
  • Work towards the ship in level 17 because, at this point, you can pick up another decent amount of points for every crate and full shipload.
  • Harvesting and collecting animal products will also help you, as this will give you points again.
  • Use found materials to break trees or blast rocks. This will also earn you points.
  • If you can already read the newspaper (from level 7), it’s worth looking out for players with an exclamation mark. These players can visit you on the farm and help them with some problems. For example, you’ll get points for helping with the shipload or bringing a withered tree back to bloom.

Friends will help you in the game

  • If you help your friends along in the game, then you can expect help, too. Thus, above all, give and take play a significant role in Hay Day.
  • You can also trade with other players – and that pays off because you’ll get coins when you help other gamers on their farm.

Get more coins

Coins are your in-game currency in Hay Day, which is why you need them. We’ll show you how to generate as much money as possible:

  • Regularly open the farm’s virtual newspaper because here you can buy and sell items. Also, goods can be offered on the ship or the stall and thus you’ll get more coins in addition.
  • If that’s not enough, you can visit friends on the farm and open the treasure chests there. Furthermore, you can also ask your friends for money.
  • Also, keep in mind that people will also stop by your farm and may want to buy something. Therefore, don’t forget to serve these customers.

Find enough building material

If you complete specific tasks in Hay Day, then you can get building material. We will show you which tasks are involved and how to get the building material as quickly as possible.

  • Feed your animals, harvest your fields or hoard certain items, then you will receive building material afterward.
  • You must perform the tasks quickly and one after another, because this way you’ll accumulate a large amount of the material and soon after you’ll be able to open up new buildings.

Hay Day Cheats

As with most games, the question of cheats for Hay Day also arises here. You can find some descriptions on YouTube and the like that promise you a Hay Day hack for free diamonds or something similar, but these usually download with malicious programs, like keyloggers, etc. If you want to get new Hay Day diamonds quickly, you can use the following Hay Day cheat. The smartphone or tablet must be in flight mode to prevent communication with the Hay Day servers.

  1. Play Hay Day on Android or iOS
  2. Activate flight mode
  3. Open Hay Day, perform an action (mine, harvest a field, etc.).
  4. If you find a diamond, turn off the flight mode and connect to the Internet.
  5. Collect diamond
  6. Call another farm, save Hay Day
  7. Repeat the process for more diamonds

If there was no Hay Day diamond when you performed the actions, close Hay Day and delete the app from the list of active apps. The shovel, or the tool used for the move, was not consumed thanks to the game’s offline mode.