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Garena Free Fire starts with a parachute jump.
Join a group of survivors, soldiers, and ordinary people and fight for pure survival and first place. It all starts with opening the parachute – up to 50 players parachute down over a deserted island. Once you hit the ground, you’ll have to search for weapons, medicine, and other equipment that will be exceedingly important for survival. Run through empty buildings, sneak up on your enemies and become number 1! As you progress, the game area will get smaller and smaller, which will make the battles more intense. In the end, there will be only one survivor – the winner.

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Download Garena Free Fire APK

Free Fire: Battlegrounds is an incredibly fun and addictive Battle Royale. The game also takes up less storage space than other similar games to be played practically on any Android device.

Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or just Free Fire, was developed by 111 Dots Studio and was published by Garena for iOS and Android. in 2019, it became the most downloaded game globally and received numeral awards. In May 2020, Free fire set a record with over 80 million daily active users.

Free Fire Battlegrounds free download

Garena Free Fire APK comes with many exciting tips. It is entirely free to play, and you have not to pay a single penny.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or other Battle Royale games. The first thing everyone does is land on an island with a parachute. After landing, you’ll have to run to find weapons and survive the attacks of your opponents. Besides, you’ll have to watch out for the ever-approaching force field that will kill you if it reaches you. But fortunately, you’ll be able to use vehicles and thus escape quickly.

The main difference between Free Fire – Battlegrounds and other similar games is that instead of 100 players, there are only 50 players. And the game duration is adjusted accordingly. Instead of 30 minutes, most rounds only last about 15 minutes. Unlike PUBG, it is faster and more hectic.

How to play Garena Free Fire?

You can download Garena Free Fire APK for your mobile Android device, or you can install an Android emulator on your computer and play it. When playing Free Fire with an emulator like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer you can easily customize your keyboard settings.

On mobile devices, the controls are simple. On the left side of the screen, you have the virtual directional pad, which you use to move your character. On the right side are the buttons for shooting, ducking, lying down, and jumping. When you find a weapon, a crate, a vehicle, or a door, you can interact with the button that appears on the screen. In the upper right corner, you’ll see your available arsenal. Here you can choose the weapon you want to use.

Garena Free Fire Tips for beginner

The island in Free Fire isn’t too big, and there aren’t many bushes for you to hide behind. The game’s rendering engine isn’t that insanely good: after a certain distance, there is nothing but moving objects, for example, players. Because of this, you might be spotted by other players and have to defend yourself.

Or maybe it’s you who wants to start a shootout: remember, only one player can become the king of the island. In any case, you must know what to do in battle. If you play your cards correctly, you’ll be able to eliminate opponents wearing the heaviest armor within seconds. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on doing that and providing helpful combat tips. So get ready; we have an island to conquer.

Assemble your weapons and armor

Each type of weapon uses different kinds of ammunition. You’re probably thinking, do I need to hang on to ammo for guns I don’t have? Well, it’s up to you, but we recommend you do. The reason is that you’ll find new weapons all the time as you scour the land, and if you find an upgrade that’s an entirely new type of weapon, you’ll already have the ammo ready for it.

There’s nothing like finding a better weapon and then realizing you don’t have ammo for it! If you have enough space, we recommend attaching all the ammo you come across.

Whether you shoot or someone shoots you, you’ll need weapons and armor to survive. For this reason, the first thing you should do is make sure your character can get some quickly. Try to find body armor and helmets quickly: Headshots are quite deadly, and you need to protect your head first of all.

When you find a new attachment for one of your weapons, an up arrow will appear on it to indicate that it is higher than the one you already have. When you pick it up, it will automatically equip, but your character will unwrap the old attachment.

If you’re not careful, your backpack can get full with a ton of outdated attachments. Be sure to remove them when you find a better one to avoid losing too much space!

Then later, you can collect weapons. The following is the best set up:

Slot weapon
Primary SKS / M14 assault rifle or VSS / AWM sniper rifle
Secondary M1014 shotgun or M79 grenade launcher
Sidearm USP or MP5

It is impossible to have this exact setup in every game, but you can replace your existing gun with it if you find one of these weapons. Free Fire divides the armor into three levels, and the level 3 armor, as you can guess, offers the highest protection. So, if you find armor with a higher level, you better equip it fast. In many situations, armor is more important than your weapons! It may decide if you survive an ambush or not, o keep that in mind. Even if you have the best weapons, if you don’t have a helmet, a single headshot will kill you.

Survive an ambush

Don’t panic if someone starts shooting at you: first, look at the mini-map to find the enemy’s position. The red arrow will indicate the distance to the attacker. Start running towards the nearest object you can use as cover. Run in zigzags and jump frequently. Mobile players rarely hit a moving target. If you walk behind a trench, you will find out if the attacker is still following you. You may be surprised, but most players prefer not to pursue a player who knows what to do. If you survived the first attack, you should use the medicine if you are seriously injured.

Remember, though, that medkits heal 70 health points, and if you’ve only lost 20-30 points, you’ll waste the rest. It’s up to you what to do next: you know the approximate location of the shooter. You can either continue to flee or attack. If you decide to attack, don’t go straight at your opponent. Instead, try to stay in cover while approaching from behind. When you are close enough, you will see your attacker again in the mini-map – even in the direction, he is facing. You can attack now, and thanks to the Battle Royale mode, you’ll have a clear advantage.

Take advantage of your room to maneuver, but never standstill.
Whether you’re the ambush guy or the guy who recently survived an ambush, using your range during the fight is the key to victory. Note that only assault rifles and sniper rifles come with scopes pre-installed. You’ll have to find one and attach it for other types of weapons if the gun supports this type of equipment. Since we are in close combat, the weapon of choice will be an assault rifle.

Moving the scope and aiming is very simple. It would be best if you aimed at your opponent’s head since this attack causes the most damage. In fact, with an assault rifle like M14, you can kill a player with just a single shot. If the scope glows red, it means that you’ll hit the target when you pull the trigger. However, don’t be misled by this visual cue: It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a headshot, too. You still have to use the scope’s sight to aim “manually” at the head.

Don’t stand still in the fight. Run circles around your target and keep jumping. . In just a few seconds, you should be done and have killed your opponent. If it takes longer, you’re doing something wrong or using the wrong weapon. Speaking of which, never reload your gun during a melee. If you can’t kill your target at a clip, it may be time to run and live to fight another day. Besides, switching to another weapon is faster than reloading: Instead of using another clip, switch to your secondary weapon and keep firing. If your target is still alive after you empty the clip of your secondary weapon, he deserves to kill you. Face your fate.

What are the best weapons in Garena Free Fire?


SKS and M14 are still the kings of this category. SKS has tremendous damage (right after Dragunov) and the most extended range of all. As expected, the fire rate is meager, and the magazine size is limited to 10. However, it is probably the best overall weapon to use in the open world. And since you’re using BlueStacks, aiming with an SKS will be an easy task for you. M14 is the next best weapon in this category, offering a slightly higher fire and magazine size rate. AN94 is a new addition to this category that came with the latest patch, but it’s not good: even FAMAS is better. GROZA falls into its category: even Garena defines it as the “best damn weapon in the game”, but it is rare.



AN94 was a disappointing AR that came with the latest patch, but Treatment Gun is not. It is the only “healing” weapon in the game. That’s right: when you point this gun at your teammates and pull the trigger, you heal them. It is also an effective offensive weapon and offers the second-best range in this category. P90 is our other choice in SMGs due to its fantastic rate of fire. You can empty the clip in seconds and destroy anything. MP40 has an even higher fire rate, but the magazine size is pretty small – half of the P90. VSS is also worth mentioning, as it is a mini sniper rifle. At the moment, it has the third-best accuracy among all free-fire weapons, and the rate of fire is very satisfactory. M249 is the only weapon in the LMG category, but don’t waste time on it: it’s only useful in close combat, and shotguns are better for this kind of encounter.

Treatment Gun5633


It’s a close call, but we’ll go with KAR98K in this category. The range difference is not that big, but KAR98K offers a higher reload speed. If you’re shooting against a stationary target and want to finish the job with one bullet, AWM is the best choice. But if you miss that shot, you won’t have enough time to reload the weapon. KAR98K, on the other hand, might give you another chance to finish the job.



SPAS12 is the queen of all shotguns: it has superior firepower and reloads speed compared to the M1014. This is the best weapon in Free Fire to clear buildings and enclosed spaces. You don’t even need to aim it: Point it at the nearest enemy and shoot. However, never use shotguns in medium and long-range combat; even throwing a rock at the enemy will do more damage. In the carrier missile category, the MGL140 is slightly better due to its higher reload speed. Use it to clear rooms.
Outside – just one grenade is enough to kill everything.



Handguns are generally not that useful in Free Fire, and you should throw them away as soon as you find another type of weapon. However, the M500 is the exception to this rule: it’s a Wild West gun with a scope. The clip size is small, as you’d expect, but getting this weapon at the beginning of the game can be very useful: You can use it as a sniper rifle! We’re not kidding; AWM’s range is 91, and M500’s range is 76 – you’ll practically be carrying a sniper rifle. Except for the M500, we don’t recommend using any of the handguns. Sure, grab one whenever you can. They’re still better than using your fists. But drop them as soon as you find a “useful” weapon. The crossbow is another good alternative weapon at the beginning of a game since its base damage is as severe as sniper rifles, and it has a “dot” effect (damage over time). In other words, as soon as you hit an enemy with a crossbow, he continues to bleed and lose health: This is the only weapon in the game with this effect. However, you can’t put a scope on it, so it’s only useful for mid-range combat. And assault rifles offer a better rate of fire and reload speed for this type of action.

Desert Eagle53462


We have only one piece of advice in this category: don’t use melee weapons. None of them are useful, and it’s not worth taking them. The pan also counts as armor, but that’s it – none of the melee weapons offer anything practical. We’re not sure why Garena doesn’t show grenade stats, but it’s the only item you should take in this category. Grenades are handy for clearing rooms and forcing enemies to leave ambush points.

Baseball bat635

You won’t be able to get the “best” weapons in every game, but at least now you know which ones are worth pursuing. Don’t forget that “aiming” is more important than finding the best weapons. Now get out there and conquer those islands: Only one player can win!

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