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Clash of Clans is one of the biggest successes in the Google Play Store. The free2play game with possible in-app purchases from Supercell generates several million dollars a day. The mixture of building strategy and multi-player keeps many players in line, but it sometimes takes years to make it to the higher levels and leagues in the top players’ circle. Without patience and a high frustration threshold, you are very susceptible to in-app purchases, and some players sink vast sums into the game.

clash of clans apk download

Download Clash of Clans APK

Clash of Clans is free and available in several languages, including German. A permanent Internet connection is required to play the strategy game.

Clash of Clans (abbreviated CoC) is an MMO strategy game by the Finnish game developer Supercell for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers).

The game has been available as an app for Apple’s iOS operating system since August 2012 and for the Android operating system since October 2013. Clash of Clans is the top-selling app overall in the iOS app store.

Clash of Clans free download

Clash of Clans APK is free and available in several languages. A permanent Internet connection is required to play the strategy game.

What is Clash of Clans?

“Clash of Clans” is an online strategy game for mobile devices, in which you have to build your village, train troops, and compete in battle with thousands of other players worldwide. The strategic possibilities are limited. Nevertheless, the game is motivating because of the large number of potential and varied opponents.
The construction of one’s village begins with the town hall. This is followed by other buildings divided into three categories: Resources, Army, and Defense. Under resources are facilities that produce and store raw materials such as gold and elixir. Resources are the currency in the game, which is used to buy new buildings and finance the training of armed forces. Under Army, barracks are available for training forces, as well as army camps where forces gather. Each fighter has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, archers can attack over walls, but they have few hit points and are therefore defeated more quickly. On the other hand, Giants can take more hits but are more expensive to train and take 5 archers in the army camp. There are also buildings where supporting spells for battle are developed, and troops are made more robust and resistant. The defense is considered to be walls, turrets, or cannons.
Each building can be upgraded. This improves their respective functions and also makes them harder to capture.
As soon as there are enough forces in the army camps, you look for an enemy target. This can be either a village given by the game in a kind of campaign. Or one lets randomly select a town of the thousands, other players. If you win, valuable resources and trophies are awarded. In case of defeat, trophies are deducted. In parallel, your own village is attacked by others. Here, too, you can win medals if you defend successfully. However, if you lose, you lose valuable resources.

How to play Clash of Clans

When you start Clash of Clans, you should follow a few crucial tips to succeed faster or not get frustrated quickly. It’s worth being a bit more disciplined for the beginner and not immediately upgrading the town hall for all it’s worth. Therefore, we’re going to give you a few proven tips that can save you some frustration to have as many of the resources you need in Clash of Clans as possible. We’re going to focus on tips for the very early stages of building (Town Hall Level 2-3) so that you don’t get lost and give up in frustration at some point in the early stages.
Essential tips are as follows:
Expand the city hall only slowly.
The temptation to expand the town hall too early is great. This is because, with an expanded city hall, you can unlock many new structures, armies, and items. The bigger the city hall is, the more powerful enemies can attack you because the city hall level determines which enemy size you get assigned in multiplayer mode. It would be best if you always tried to have all other buildings upgraded to the maximum before increasing the town hall by one level. Otherwise, especially the defense becomes too weak for the enemies that can attack you. Or your attack possibilities will be too little at some point if you have forgotten to expand the army camps.
Townhall level 3 is advantageous.
Don’t overshoot the mark right away! A level 3 town hall will get you a long way. You can have a level 1 mortar, and most importantly, you can build army camps large enough to attack well, with the cheapest and fastest units, the barbarians. You can create two army camps with 35 units capacity each, which means you’ll have 70 barbarians built in no time, which is pretty good enough for most opponents who have a level 3 town hall. It’s also enough to reasonably play the single-player missions to a certain degree and achieve jewels in the rewards. With the jewels, you can then expand your building options and acquire a third building hut. Most importantly, if you have a town hall with a reasonably low level, you won’t be attacked as often.

What to build in Clash of Clans?

Improve the buildings evenly.
Clash of Clans Giant GiantImproved buildings are more powerful, that’s why you need to improve the Clash of Clans’ facilities, but each new improvement step becomes more and more expensive. Therefore, it is better to gradually improve all the buildings and evenly and not pull one to level 10 while the others are crawling around at level 3. The elixir warehouses and the gold warehouses are essential to loot efficiently, and the warehouses don’t overflow. Upgrading the barracks is also worthwhile because upgrades to the barracks reduce the build times of some units – for example, you can reduce the initial archers’ build time from 24 seconds to 12 seconds if you build two barracks and bring them up to level 2. It is also advisable to upgrade the barracks before upgrading the town hall because, during the barracks’ upgrade time, the units’ construction time or training time is extended. If you upgrade the barracks before upgrading the town hall, you save this delay at the beginning of the new town hall level, where you already have to deal with bigger enemies.

Building the laboratory
At town hall level 3, you can build the laboratory to improve your barbarians and expand your looting abilities. The lab costs 25000 elixirs. Therefore, you need large elixir stores to begin with.

Optimize the defense
To avoid finding all your camps looted, you should invest in a good defense early on. This will save you a lot of frustration.

Build walls
Walls are quite essential and quite expensive (i.e., the upgrades) – but it is vital to upgrade the walls as high as possible early. They protect from many units, and the towers thus have a longer time to bombard the attacking enemy.

The correct arrangement of the buildings

In order not to suffer too much damage during an attack, the buildings should be placed correctly.

Outside: Place the construction buildings, barracks, warehouse, laboratory, and clan castle outside the walls. These can be torn down without further consequences and distract from the inside of the castle for now. However, make sure that the buildings are still accessible through defenses.

Center: The town hall and the gold depository should be located as centrally as possible. You must pay special attention to these two buildings.

Inside: Around the town hall and the gold storage should then follow the production buildings and the defenses.

Defense in Clash of Clans

Initially, you’ll only be attacked by the computer, but you should still develop a good strategy for defense so that your collected gold doesn’t vanish into thin air.

If possible, defenses don’t build defenses directly against the outermost wall since they will be attacked and destroyed immediately after being torn down.

Multiple walls: It also makes sense to use double walls, as this requires two wall breakers at the same time. However, you can usually only afford this luxury from level 8.

Build tightly: Especially, in the beginning, you should arrange your buildings to be around a defensive structure as many of them as possible. This way, several installations can be protected at the same time. If you later own several defense facilities, the narrow construction method can be dissolved again.

Attacking in Clash of Clans

This is what you should pay attention to when attacking.

Not only defense is essential in Clash of Clans. It would help if you also kept a few things in mind when attacking for the time being.

Resources: Before you start an attack, you should carefully check how many resources your opponent has. If the potential yield is relatively meager, a siege’s effort is hardly worth it and only involves risks.

Defense: Also, check how strong your opponent’s defense is. Take a close look at the castle, look for weak points, and estimate from the securities’ upgrade level whether you are a match for the opponent at all.

Clan: Be careful with opponents who have a clan castle. If they are too close to the clan castle, they can call for support exceptionally quickly. The following revenge actions should also not be underestimated.

Obtaining Jewels

To advance faster in the game, jewels are significant. There are two ways to get them even without money.

Obstacles: New obstacles like trees or rocks appear on the map again and again. If you remove them, sometimes there are jewels underneath. Granted, you won’t become a jewel millionaire this way. However, this is an excellent way to collect a few gems on the side.

Clans: Also, try to get into a successful clan. The best three clans regularly receive a certain number of jewels, which are then divided among all members.

Playing Clash of Clan with friends

Join a clan
To do this, you have to expand the clan castle, which earns you a treasury where you can store supplies quite loot-proof. A clan is central to the game. At an early level, you can profit from it by sending units for attack and defense or by sending them yourself.

How Many People Play Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans has been downloaded over 600 million times worldwide and is still one of the most popular mobile games. It is estimated that there are still over 100 million active users.

Is Clash of Clans for kids?

The official age rating is Pegi 13.

“Clash of Clans is a simple strategy game with an appealing comic book look, although the strategy aspect is limited here: Admittedly, the space in the army camps is limited and must be allocated wisely. In the battle itself, the control options over the individual units are very limited. A lot happens automatically. A bit more freedom of action would be desirable here, such as the subsequent positioning of forces that are already in battle.

The tasks in “Clash of Clans” are manageable. Strategy newcomers will quickly find their way around. Experienced strategy players, on the other hand, may feel under-challenged. You log in, upgrade a building, and train troops. Then it’s a matter of waiting. Then you go into battle with the forces or start new actions. Thus, “Clash of Clans” initially seems to be a game that you can play in between. However, appearances are deceptive. Because whoever is not in the game runs the risk of being attacked and possibly loses valuable resources. People who are directly in the game, on the other hand, cannot be attacked. This results in a high time commitment to the game, which only provides tasks for in between. If you get bored trying not to leave the game, you invest jewels in bridging annoying waiting times – similar to social games. Jewels cost money. The amounts range from a few euros in pocket money to large quantities. As an in-app purchase, the corresponding amount is simply charged to the connected account’s credit card on the device. The hurdles for this are comparatively low.

But what makes the game so attractive? What motivates people to continue playing? On the one hand, curiosity about new buildings and forces, which change their appearance as the level increases, attracts players. On the other hand, achievements for particular actions that are rewarded with jewels motivate players. The direct comparison among the players and the individual clans in high score lists also has a motivating effect. An important point is also the variety in the game. In “Clash of Clans,” there are thousands of players and countless potential opponents, each with different villages. Every battle is different.

Violence as a means of conflict resolution is a component of “Clash of Clans” that cannot be overlooked. However, due to the comic-like, colorful presentation and the imaginative setting with magic power and dragons, there is enough distance to reality. The possibility of spending a lot of money quickly within the game has to be viewed critically. Therefore, “Clash of Clans” is only suitable for ages ten and up.

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