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Call of Duty: Mobile offers the player numerous different game modes. Among others, there is classic “Team Deathmatch”, “Free for All”, “Search and Destroy”, “Two vs. Two Matches”, “Domination” and unique modes like “Gunplay”, “Snipers Only” or “Attack of the Undead” (Infected) and of course Battle Royal. The CoD-typical point series (killstreaks) are also included in the mobile variant. In a running game, the player gets these through several successive eliminations. This can be used to summon an attack helicopter or an automatic gun, for example.

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Call of Duty: Mobile was first announced in March 2019 and developed by TiMi J3 Studio, belonging to Tencent Games, Tencent’s Interactive Entertainment Group division. Activision acted only as a publisher here, coordinating social channels and curating the game community. The game’s goal is to take familiar aspects from the series’ previous games and conquer the mobile market on smartphones and tablets.

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What is Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile is the official smartphone spin-off of the well-known first-person shooter series. Call of Duty (CoD for short) is a computer game series by the US publisher Activision from first-person shooters. The player usually takes on the role of a soldier in a war scenario. The first title in the series, developed by Infinity Ward, was released in 2003 and is set in World War II. Later titles are set in contemporary or futuristic, but usually fictional scenarios. In addition to the primarily linear single-player campaign, the various multiplayer options are a significant focus. New games are released in an annual rhythm, the most recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020).

CoD Mobile version relies on familiar modes and maps

Apart from the Battle Royale mode, Call of Duty: Mobile also offers many other game modes. Among others, there is classic “Team Deathmatch”, “Free for All”, “Search and Destroy”, “Two vs. Two Matches”, “Domination” and special modes like “Gunplay”, “Snipers Only” or “Attack of the Undead” (Infected). The CoD-typical point series (killstreaks) are also included in the mobile variant. In a running game, the player gets these through several successive eliminations. This makes it possible to summon an attack helicopter or an automatic gun, for example.

There was even a popular zombie mode for a while, but the developers have since removed it. The twelve different game maps come from earlier CoD parts, including classics like “Rust”, “Nuketown” and “Hijacked”.

Numerous in-game items in Call of Duty smartphone version

You can customize your equipment extensively in the game because you unlock new weapons, abilities, point series, and cosmetic items like skins or emblems by reaching higher levels. There are also many more items available in the store, purchased in one of two currencies. The standard credits are obtained regularly in the game, and the CoD points are available for real money.

Call of Duty: Mobile Tips for multiplayer

  • Before you start fighting against other players, you also have the choice to fill up a match with AI opponents. This way, you can get used to the game or try out new weapons. Of course, you won’t get as many experience points here.
  • You don’t have to choose a fixed loadout for each match. Even between deaths, you have the chance to change them and adjust them depending on the situation. So make sure you have several loadouts in advance!
  • Speaking of loadouts, they are only limited to the multiplayer modes. You don’t have to save any slots for the Battle Royale mode.
  • Don’t forget to use your point series items! In the heat of battle, it’s easy to forget to do this. So fire up your drones and missiles when you have the chance.
  • Get to know the maps and maybe play a few rounds against the AI-first. This way, you will get to know good sniper positions.
  • Adjust your loadouts after each new level up. Because then you’ll unlock new weapons and attachments to improve your arsenal.
  • There are mission-based and points-based modes in the game. Choose the ones you enjoy the most!
  • If you want more loadout slots, level up. This way, you will unlock more and more space for alternative loadouts.

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide

What is Battle Royale in Call of Duty Mobile?

It is a unique game mode. On a vast map, 100 players are exposed and then fight for victory. I’m referring to the classic game mode where you fight as teams of 2 side by side. A match lasts up to 15 minutes, includes classes, brand re-entry, helicopters, and more. The open-world gameplay experience is truly grand. And all of this is available on mobile on smartphones, and tablets.

Battle Royale: The gameplay

At best, you already have a few friends to play with. This makes things much easier because you know the habits of your teammate. Nevertheless, you can also start with a random game partner. Before the game begins, each player can choose a class. These are special skills. The following classes are available:

Scout: With this sensor arrow, you can detect enemy positions on the radar. Lasts for several seconds.

Clown: The monkey bomb creates zombies that exclusively attack enemies. They always run to the enemy. This allows you to detect enemies as well.

Medic: With the medical unit, you can heal yourself and your teammates. At the same time, the time for healing and reviving knocked out teammates is reduced by 25 percent.

Ninja: You can use a grappling hook to pull yourself to the target. In addition, your movement noise is reduced.

Defender: This transformation shield builds up directly in front of you and blinds enemies momentarily. It also reduces damage from all sources except bullet damage by 20%.

EMP Drone: The EMP Drone detects nearby enemies and jams them with EMP signals. Radar is disrupted, and they also move more slowly. Likewise, detection of vehicles, enemy traps, and equipment within 80 meters is improved.

Crook: As a crook, you can create two likenesses of your character that confuse enemies. At the same time, enemy footsteps can be detected more quickly.

Catapult: With this, you can catapult yourself and your players into the air and fly to other positions with the wingsuit. At the same time, the descent speed of the wingsuit is reduced.

Trap Master: The class that is not yet available. Here you can add power lines to routes; enemies take damage and move slower. Likewise, the movement speed and the recharge speed of skills are increased.

Set first landing point and jump

When the game starts, a large plane flies over the terrain. The lead jumper can set the jump, while teammates can also deactivate the automatic following and jump themselves. I’ll tell you why this is not so useful in a moment. Before you jump, you can mark the target on the map. This way, you can coordinate with your game partner. As a point of reference, you can safely jump from a distance of about 1000 meters, and you will reach your destination.
Battle Royale is a game mode for team players. Accordingly, it would be best if you also acted like this. If the lead jumper sets the place, follow him. Unfortunately, it happens pretty often that the other player wants to do his own thing. Either you give in and follow him, or you are on your own as well. That’s precisely why I prefer to play with people I’ve played Battle Royale with several times. That doesn’t happen there.

Collect weapons, open crates, and more

Now that you have finally landed and arrived, you need to start collecting. Everywhere you will find weapons, ammunition, medicine, and more. Run over them and pick them up. With a backpack, you can increase your inventory and collect more. By the way, my preferences are an AK-47 or an M4. Since you can always carry two weapons, I like to take another sniper rifle. The best is the Arctic-50, though the XRP-50 is more common.

Which weapons you use is up to you, of course. All of them have different properties. Some shoot faster but aren’t as good at longer distances. Others are optimized for close combat; others are not. Since you can look at all the properties, you’ll have to decide for yourself which weapon suits your playstyle. To do this, click on the backpack and select your weapon from the menu. Then you will see the information displayed on the left side.

To upgrade your weapons, you can collect a barrel, a better magazine, a laser, a scope, a foregrip, a stock, and more. Pay attention to the colors, which look like this in ascending order: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold. As soon as you find them and walk over them, they will be automatically collected and swapped for the better element.

In the field of medicine, adrenaline is the first choice. With the syringe, you can increase your health back to 100 percent. Bloodstillers only restore a few health points and can only be used below 100.

Mark enemies

When you finally meet your opponents, you have to shoot quickly – after all, you want to win the game. If you see opponents who are perhaps a bit further away, you can mark their position for your teammate. Use the “location pin” for this as well. The position you are currently pointing at is now marked with a red icon. This way, your teammate can also quickly eliminate the opponents.

By the way, if you swipe the “location needle” down with your finger, there are more options.

  • Exit: With this option, you can give your teammate a path to follow. “Let’s go this way” is the statement.
  • Enemy: Here, you can say that enemies have already gathered here. “Enemies have been here”.
  • Attack: You can mark a position that you want to attack. “Close in”.
  • Guard: You can mark the point you want to guard. “I’m guarding this spot”.

Communication is important

You can issue voice commands via the icon with the three dots located next to the location pin. Tip: You can choose from an extensive repertoire of commands in the settings. There are not only a few funny phrases but also useful commands: Let’s go. I need medicine. Help. Got it. Squad to me. Wait for me. Hold position. And much more. Use these commands.

It gets easier when you use voice chat. But then you should also wear headphones with a microphone so that you don’t annoy your fellow player with your game sounds. It is used relatively rarely, but it can also lead to language barriers if you play with random people. I usually play without voice chat.

Recognize opponents quickly

Probably one of the essential tips. When enemies approach, the mini-map in the upper right corner will show footprints in red. You will also see your position, with a cone indicating which direction you are facing. Now, when you know the enemy’s footsteps, you should immediately turn in the corresponding direction, and you can shoot the enemy faster. This is essential!

The zone shrinks

For the game to come to an end, the playing area becomes smaller and smaller. The time is displayed under the mini-map in the upper right corner. When it expires, the zone slowly shrinks. Whoever is outside dies gradually. When the zone shrinks for the first time, and you are outside, you should move. The first time you don’t die so fast, and you still have some time, the smaller the zone gets, the quicker you die outside.

Thus, all players are forced to move into the zone and inevitably meet each other. The whole thing is represented on the map by a blue ring. My tip: The smaller the zone, the wiser it is to stay at the edge. Of course, houses, rocks, etc., that serve as hiding places and protection are also practical.

Vehicles, helicopters, and more

You can use almost everything. In certain places, you can find vehicles, helicopters, motorcycles, and more. You can use these to move around. I prefer the helicopter because with it you can quickly fly to other places. And this is especially handy when the “airdrop” comes. An airplane drops a crate that comes with excellent weapons and co. The airdrop is shown on the map with a green dot.

Here you can find not only the best protective vest but also, for example, the sniper rifle “Arctic-50 (exotic)”. This is even better than the Arctic-50 already is. Because: Here, there is a scope with a thermal image. Enemies are displayed in yellow/orange and can thus be super-detected at long-range—my absolute favorite weapon.

Battle Royale: The second chance

As I said, team players are wanted. If your colleague was shot down and you are still alive, you can revive him. If he was just shot down, you could save him. This takes 10 seconds. But if he was shot down, you can only bring him back into the game by using the recognition marker. You have to collect it and scan the tag. Click on “Revive” in the upper left corner next to the player’s name. The revive flier will bring your teammate back into the game. But then you lose all the weapons and objects you collected.

You should not rush into anything. If your colleague has been shot down or killed, keep calm for the time being – if possible. If there are too many enemies around, keep a low profile. If your teammate dies, that is. Then you can still collect the token. There is no point in jumping into the breach and then dying yourself. Then the game is over for both of you. So it’s better to be a bit more careful.

At this point, I would like to mention the boxes. The different boxes contain several great things. The green boxes contain weapons and accessories, the red boxes contain grenades or a grenade launcher, and the gray boxes contain medicine. When an enemy is killed, all the guns and items collected are also made available as a box for others to use. Stand in the dark green trunks and collect a variety of goodies at once.

One team wins

So that the game does not go on indefinitely and players hide, the zone shrinks. Accordingly, the game is limited to about 15 minutes. Whoever survives wins the game in the end.