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Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game in which two teams of three characters compete against each other in a setting full of obstacles and interactive elements. Your mission: teach the other team a lesson.

You can easily control your hero on your device, which is in a vertical position. All you have to do is move your finger across the screen. This will also trigger your special abilities necessary for victory.

Brawl Stars includes different game modes. In the reward mode, you’ll have to finish the game with more stars than the opposing team. You’ll have to fight for crystals located in the center of the map or carry out an epic death match against other players in other game modes.

Brawl Stars is another hit from Supercell and perfectly adapted to mobile devices. The game attracts with its simple controls, a large selection of characters and game modes, and fantastic graphics.

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Brawl Stars is an entertaining online multiplayer fighting game with a visual aspect, animations, and sound effects that remind us of games for arcade machines that are probably more than twenty years old.

Brawl Stars was initially launched only for iOS devices in the Canadian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Danish App Store; however, Supercell planned both a worldwide release and an Android version. On June 24, 2018, it was announced that there would be a beta release for Android devices. The global release for all platforms came on December 12, 2018, after a year and a half in beta. The app is based on the free-to-play model. Developer Supercell has announced an extensive update with new content and features for 2020.

Free Fire Battlegrounds free download

Brawl Stars, like many other mobile games, is Free2Play. That means you can download it for free to your Android smartphone or iPhone, or tablet and then start playing.

However, Brawl Stars offers the option to spend money to advance faster or unlock fighters.

What is Brawl Stars anyway?

Brawl Stars is – as the name suggests – a so-called brawler, that is, a fighting game.

It is played in top view, and you have the choice to fight alone against an opponent from the Internet or in a team. These team matches are the typical gameplay of Brawl Stars and then two-against-two or three-against-three rounds.

There are 21 brawlers, or characters, available to you in the game. However, not all of them are unlocked initially, but you earn them bit by bit by collecting enough in-game currency or simply buying them to acquire the brawlers.

The matches, in turn, take place in six different game modes, and the more matches you win, the more trophies end up in your account. These, in turn, determine which league you’ll be placed in so that beginners don’t have to play against professionals.

What game modes are available in Brawl Stars?

A total of six game modes are available at the start of Brawl Stars, most of which are designed as three-on-three modes:

Gem Grab (3 vs. 3): In this mode, teams must collect gems. The team that gets ten of the bling together first and can then hold it for a set amount of time wins. Of course, the glittering things can also be stolen from the opponents again.

Showdown (1 vs. 1 / 2 vs. 2): Showdown is the only game mode in Brawl Stars that can be played alone or as a team of two. The match is best compared to battle royale games like PUBG because ultimately, you just have to survive to win.

Bounty (3 vs. 3): The task here is quite simple because you only have to kill the opposing team’s players. You’ll get stars as a reward, but you’ll lose them if you get knocked out. In the end, the team that collects the most of these stars wins.

Heist (3 vs. 3): In Heist, each team has a safe that they must protect from the other team. At the same time, however, the goal is to crack the opponents’ safe.

Brawl Ball (3 vs. 3): Brawl Ball is like soccer without a referee. The goal is to score two goals to win the match. To prevent this, however, the two teams are allowed to resort to every conceivable measure.

Special Events: You have to unlock the special events in Brawl Stars with trophies. Then you can compete in PvE matches in which you fight against computer-controlled opponents.

Brawl Stars beginner’s tips

Now that you know what Brawl Stars is, we’d like to give you a few tips and hints to help you quickly achieve success in the various game modes:

When you start Brawl Stars, the first question is which characters are best for beginners. Here we recommend the following five:

Brock: The standard character, so to speak, that everyone should be able to handle.

El Primo: Also straightforward to handle because he can take a lot of damage.

Jessie: Fighter with ranged attacks that do a decent amount of damage.

Colt: Also a ranged fighter whose attacks also deal a devastating amount of damage and have an excellent range to boot.

Barley: A fighter doing damage over time, which can be annoying for your opponents.

The different fighters you can choose from look not only different but also have different abilities. Therefore, before a match, think about which brawler you’re going to choose, ideally adapting the choice to your teammates. El Primo, for example, can take a lot of damage and is, therefore, best suited to protect the other brawlers in the team. On the other hand, Brock should stay in the background since his attacks are more like ranged attacks.

When choosing a fighter, it’s essential to know what role he should best play in the team. It also helps a lot if you know how quickly your character’s attacks will find their target. Some attacks take some time to hit, so you’ll have to aim ahead to beat your opponent.

Keep an eye on your character’s health meter. As long as you don’t take damage or deal attacks yourself, your charge’s life energy will slowly regenerate. Therefore, sometimes retreat is a good strategy. However, your opponent will then also have the opportunity to strengthen himself. Consequently, you have to weigh what makes more sense.

Use the practice mode in Brawl Stars. In it, you won’t compete against human opponents but computer-controlled ones. This will help you learn how to play your chosen character, and at the same time, let you get a feel for the game modes and the maps on which you’ll play.

Finally, when you compete in one of the team modes, always try to attack the opponent that your teammates are attacking. This is the most effective way to eliminate characters.

In general, it is advisable to stay together in the team modes and watch your teammates. For example, if you see that a teammate’s life energy is running low and you are playing a fighter with a lot of energy, it makes perfect sense to draw fire.

How to get more tokens and boxes

How to get more tokens and boxes

Brawl Stars has its in-game currency like other free-to-play games, which you need to buy item boxes. The latter contains new Brawler characters, for example. You earn the currency, called “tokens” here, through victories in the game. However, the available daily tokens are limited.

In the following, we’ll tell you a few tricks on how to earn more tokens without spending real money.

  1. Level up different player accounts in parallel. You will receive 20 tokens for each level up. When you reach level 20, you’ll have 400 tokens in your account, which you can use to buy four boxes.
  2. Leveling up your Brawlers is also rewarded with tokens. If you change your characters regularly, you’ll increase the rank of all of them and earn more tokens.
  3. Be sure to play the Robo Rumble event if it is available. Depending on how many event tickets you have/use, you can earn up to 200 tokens here.
  4. Play the Showdown mode in the one vs. one variant, as you have high chances of winning here. This is especially true for Brawlers with a low rank.

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