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"Among Us": What is behind the gaming phenomenon?
A two-year-old, simply produced online game is currently the topic of conversation in numerous playgrounds, storming the game charts and even attracting famous politicians.
Among cute looking astronauts gathered on a space station, a cunning murderer is about to be unmasked.
How did the indie game "Among Us" become such a big success?

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What is Among Us?

Among Us - Trust is good, control is better:

If you want to make your way through the game "Among Us", you have to be very suspicious of your fellow players. On a space station, the crew meets each other - but be careful: A so-called "Impostor" with evil intentions has crept in among them, infiltrating the team of four to ten members and taking out one by one. The crew's goal is to track down the impostor, eliminate him and at the same time complete various tasks in the form of mini-games to get the spaceship back on course.

The game principle of "Among Us" is quite simple and reminds of the popular party games "Mafia" or "Werewolf", where a chosen person is declared a "murderer". Using question-answer scenarios, the players must finally unmask the impostor. It is similar in the digital version: When an astronaut's body is found, the other players can call a meeting and discuss via chat who the "Impostor" is. For a more intense gaming experience, groups also access programs such as Discord to exchange information via microphone and video instead of chatting. Especially the meetings, where players question, accuse and invent excuses for each other, provide a high entertainment potential for participants and spectators.

Among Us Tasks list

The Skeld

There are two common tasks in The Skeld map:

Repair the wiring: Repairing the cables is a common 3-step task in The Skeld where you have to connect four wires of the same color. This task can be done randomly in three different rooms: Administration, Cafeteria, Electrical, Navigation, Security or Storage.

Swipe Card - swipe the card: Swipe Card is a common task in The Skeld that takes place in the admin room. You have to swipe the card in the scanner from left to right at just the right speed from left to right for it to work.

Mira HQ

Repair wiring: Repairing cables is a common task in Mira HQ where four wires of the same color must be connected (see The Skeld above). This task can be randomly distributed in three different rooms: Greenhouse, hallway, laboratory, changing room or warehouse.

Enter the ID code: Entering the ID code is a quick, general task in the admin room, where you have to enter a number in the panel.


Repair the cable: Fixing the wiring is also a common task in Polus, where you have to connect four wires of the same color. This task can be randomly divided into three different rooms: Decontamination, electrical, laboratory, O2 or office.

Dropship - Insert Keys: Dropship - Insert Keys is a task in Map Polus where you have to turn a key 90 degrees. This task takes place in the Polus landing ship.

Scan the boarding pass: Scanning boarding pass is a general task in Polus where you have to turn your boarding pass over and drag it onto the big red scanner until it turns green. This task takes place in the office.

Among Us Tasks Guide

Here is an example of a strategy to easily catch the saboteurs. If you play a common task in Map The Skeld and this common task happens to be fixing the wiring, it means that nobody may be assigned the other common task in the Skeld, which in Admin is the "Swipe Card".

So if someone tries to fake the task "Swipe Card" in Admin (or someone says he does), he is most likely the importer, who clearly has no knowledge of shared tasks yet.

After reading the article, you as the importer now know that you should avoid faking tasks that are not assigned to other crew members. Otherwise, you will easily get voted out of office if you are caught faking a common task that is supposedly not assigned to the rest of the team.

Among Us Common tasks

That is easy. Common tasks are tasks that either everybody has or nobody has. So if you have a certain common task, such as repairing cables, all crew members have cable repair on their to-do list. If you don't have that, then no one in the group has such a task.

There are only a few specific tasks that are considered common tasks, and they differ for each card. The number of common tasks can also be set in the game settings. A game can only have a maximum of two common tasks. Use the tasks in Among Us to your advantage, whether you are a crew member or an Impostor.

The first thing you need to check before starting the game is the number of common tasks that the room host has set. Once the game starts, crew members should note down the common tasks assigned to them and make sure that other crew members do them as well.

Among Us Impostor

It is important that you are perceived as one of the good guys from the beginning: This means first and foremost that you should behave as a Crewmate would, which in turn means first and foremost to get tasks done - or look like you would. Impostors can't really tackle tasks, the mini-games are not accessible to them. Therefore the game generates some "fake tasks" for you to orientate yourself on and then pretend to be busy.

The problem with this is that you shouldn't be watched too closely, because if after completing the task the bar in the upper left corner doesn't go up and someone sees that, they'll quickly find out about you. This tactic is especially promising in the beginning, when there are still many players alive and the bar is rising all the time.
It is incredibly important not to pretend that you are doing one of the "visual tasks" (in English: "animated tasks"). On the first card, The Skeld, there are five of them: Emptying the garbage ("Empty Garbage") in the upper right of the cafeteria, emptying the chute ("Clear Chute") in rooms O2 and Storage, shooting down asteroids in room Weapons ("Clear Asteroids"), getting scanned in Medbay ("Submit Scan") and switching on the shields ("Prime Shields") in the Shields area. All these tasks have visible animations that only start when a crewmate performs them. Stay away!

A good way to avoid tasks is to be seen often on the surveillance cameras. As if you were very interested in watching unfair activities on the monitors. You can find them in the Security room. Also following a "suspicious" player (without killing him, because you "should keep an eye on him") is a good excuse to dodge around tasks.

Among us - Vents

Ventilation shafts and cameras: Don't get caught!
What sounds like a tip to hold out in the ventilation shafts if possible and use them for locomotion ("Vent" button) is basically also a warning, because not only can you hear the squeaking of a ventilation flap, but in the time it takes to scurry in and out, you can quickly be observed. A good idea is to sabotage the doors of the room you want to reappear in by locking them.

Bold bonus points are awarded for locking someone up with you, who you can then finish off. and immediately report the body yourself if no one else was there shortly before.

It is also worth remembering the location of the surveillance cameras on each of the three maps. Not only so that you don't accidentally make someone's head shorter while you are being watched. As you can see in the picture above, the four cameras on the skeld watch over different corridors. If one of the cameras is currently occupied and someone in the security room is watching what is happening in the corridor, you can tell by the camera flashing red.

An extremely cool maneuver on the Skeld map is to watch the camera from the cafeteria, taking the left exit to Medbay. If it flashes red, turn directly into Medbay, open the sabotage menu while running and close the door to security. At the bottom left corner of the Medbay is a vent through which you can enter the security room - if there is nobody in the Medbay. In all probability you will have someone in the Security Room all to yourself.

Where to play Among Us

Among Us: Play Crossplay with friends

There are two ways to set up a game for your friends to play together, no matter which of the three different platforms they are using.

1. online

Select Online in the main menu to play with distant friends. At the top, enter the name I want to be displayed in the game and then select the item "Create Game" under the item "Host". Here you choose one of three maps, determine the number of imposters and then the maximum number of players. Click on "Confirm" to create a lobby that always starts in private mode. At the bottom you will now see a code that you can pass on to your friends (a messenger group in Whatsapp or similar is recommended here).

Your friends will need to click on the menu that appears after you click on Online and then click on "Enter Code" at the bottom of the Private section to enter the password you gave them. Your friends will now be in the lobby with you.
The host then has only one thing left to do: Wait until all participants are there. On the computer near the middle of the lobby, the game creator can change various game parameters: How fast the players should move, how far crewmates and Impostor should be able to look, how many emergency meetings you can call, the time you have to, choose and discuss and so on. Try a little bit with it.

And then there's the second option, setting up an Among-Us game...

2. Local

Click on "Local" in the main menu, enter your name up here too and then click on Create Game. The rest is the same as in online mode. If a player near you already creates a game, it will be displayed under "Available Games" and can be entered.

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