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2048 apk app is one of the trending games running all over the internet, which requires your mind to create your final 2048 to win. Each number is multiplied by itself to form a bigger number and is a mind game usually played by enthusiasts and working people to enhance and change their mood.

2048 is a game developed for every available OS. This post is for the android app of the 2048 apk

2048 logo
Gabriele Cirulli, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Download 2048 Game APK

2048 is a free-to-play computer game that can be played by a single player on mobile devices. It was created in March 2014 by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli.

Gabriele Cirulli admitted on his GitHub page that the game’s idea came from Jason Saxon, who published the game 1024.
The game 1024, in turn, is based on the game Threes, published in January 2014, which does not work with powers of two, but uses numbers divisible by 3.

What is 2048 Game?

The game’s goal is to create a tile with the number 2048 by moving and combining other tiles. 2048 is played on a board with 4×4 boxes.
In the beginning, there are two random tiles on the playing field, each bearing a two or a 4. The player uses the arrow keys (up, down, right, left) to move the tiles on the board.

All the tiles move as far as possible on each move.

How to play 2048

If two tiles with the same number bump into each other, they merge into one tile with the two tiles’ summary.

In addition, with each move in an empty field, a random tile with a 2 or 4 is created. The probability that a random tile gets the value 4 is 10%.

The game’s goal is to make a tile with the number 2048, then the player has won the game but can continue to play. The game ends when all squares are occupied with tiles, and the player cannot make any more moves.

highest score on 2048

In addition, there is a score that starts at zero at the beginning of the game and is increased by the value of the number of colliding tiles with each collision. It is displayed to the player along with their maximum score. The highest tile that can be reached has a value of 131,072, and the maximum possible score is 3,932,100.

2048 world record

Play 2048 game online.

Do you want to play the game 2048 online in your browser? Test your gaming skills with our 2048 online game

2048 is an entertaining game in which numbers must be combined until, at some point, the number 2048 appears on the screen. The numbers appear on a grid with 16 squares and can only be combined with the same number: 2+2, 4+4, 8+8, 16+16 (…) 1024+1024 = 2048.

The best 5 tricks for the 2048 game – how to win

What may seem tedious and straightforward at first glance is exciting and challenging. Because only those who proceed calmly and strategically can also win the game, here are some tips for you, how you can improve your high scores and maybe even get to the magic number.

2048 strategy

  1. proceed strategically
    Wild back and forth is doomed to failure, so is the Whirlpool principle. Play linear and always work towards a corner. Concentrating on one corner is the game developer advises. For right-handed players, the upper right corner would be the most skillful; for left-handed players, the lower-left corner – pure empirical values from long game evenings. Try always to place the highest summed number in the selected corner and work towards it. It is a lousy sign If you have two high numbers in two opposite corners. Hardly any chance of winning the game.
  1. line up numbers
    So pick a corner, and let’s go. Additionally, make sure that high numbers are placed as close to each other as possible. Better yet, from the selected corner – in descending order. After that, the numbers will add up much faster and automatically end up in the chosen corner.
  2. nasty twos
    It is advisable to play only in three directions. For example, if you have chosen the upper right corner for the highest number, you should move the numbers only upwards, to the right, and rarely to the left. The swipe down should be avoided in this example. Because as soon as you do this, a two will usually appear in the right corner and mess up the whole built-up system.
  3. release deuces
    If you border a two with other higher numbers, it won’t be easy to get to it again and work with it. The lower the number, the more accessible it should be. So with twos and fours, you should be especially careful that they are not entirely encapsulated.
  4. create space
    Clear the squares. The fewer squares left empty, the more difficult to impossible it will be to get to the goal. Before the next move comes, you should always have a clear overview of which numbers will move and how. Sometimes there are several conceivable combinations, which one recognizes only on the second view.

2048 hardly tolerates mistakes

It seems that the game doesn’t tolerate a single mistake. At each step, you should evoke at least one new combination of numbers. If you fail, the game can change from pleasant to hopeless within a few steps. So it is better to think twice before making the next move.

Strength lies in calmness.
Many other games are about speed; you need to slow down your pace in 2048. In advice, it is better to take all the time you need. Follow the motto: don’t rush. If you move the numbers back and forth without thinking, you lose.
Each move must be considered. Keep in mind that swiping right/left/up/down automatically moves all the numbers, not just the number you want to move. It’s a bit like chess – keep the whole game in mind and think a few steps ahead.

If you follow the rules above, with a little practice, the high scores will soon be respectable, and the goal of seeing 2048 on display will also be within reach. But beware, the addictive potential of the game is excellent. If you only have a little time available, you should rather postpone the game to a quiet minute. 2048 can be played as an app on the smartphone and here via the browser. And yes, you can win it!

2048 cupcakes

The game 2048 cupcake is a cute variation of the traditional 2048 game with numbers. I’d much rather have cupcakes! I also really like the vintage design. It reminds me of the window of a cute cupcake store.

The gameplay is simple and quick to learn. Drag two identical cupcakes to each other using swipe motions. These then merge to make an even better cupcake! First, you have the ramekin, and then dough, frosting, sprinkles, and toppings are added little by little. Just like baking! The more symbols appear on your board, the harder it gets. So here you have to think and not wildly swipe back and forth.

Play 2048 Pokemon

The game 2048 comes in many variations. A very funny implementation is the 2048 Pokemon mode. Here you don’t have to combine the numbers; you have to combine the individual Pokemons. 2048 Pokemon game is fun for every age group.

Allyson Schrader programmed the 2048 Pokemon mode based on Gabriele Cirulli’s 2048 game.

2048 cat edition

Another idea for the game 2048.
Here you can play the popular game 2048 with cat pictures.

In the cat 2048 version, you have to merge the individual cat pictures.

Play 2048 doge online

If there is a 2048 cat edition, then there is, of course, also a doge mode.

The principle remains the same in the 2048 dog version; you have to match the matching dog images.

Play 2048 tetris edition

Of course, there is also a 2048 Tetris version. Here the numbers come from above into the picture, and you have to place the numbers where they fit. In typical Tetris style.

Prateek Agarwal has programmed the Tetris variant of 2048 based on Gabriele Cirulli’s original 2048 game.

Play 2048 Fortnite game Edition

If you love the game Fortnite, then you will be interested in the 2048 Fortnite Game Edition. In the 2048 Fortnite, you have to match the individual weapon images and crack the high score. Have fun playing 2048 Fortnite.

2048 Fortnite games edition was created by zacinaction from github based on Gabriele Cirulli.

Play army 2048 mode

2048 Army – About this game
This is the army version of the famous video game 2048. In this game, you have to move the tiles with the arrow keys. When you play army 20418 on mobile, you have to swipe.

When two tiles of the same rank meet, you will be promoted. The more equal ranks meet, the higher you will be promoted.
So, try to play the free army 2048 right now and get the highest rank.

2048 army games edition was created by zacinaction from github based on Gabriele Cirulli

play emoji game 2048 online

This is the emoji version of the famous game 2048.
Instead of combining the numbers, in emoji 2048, you have to connect the different emojis.

Have fun playing the emoji game. created by all2048.com

play 2048 star wars online

Star Wars 2048 is another version of the classic 2048.
Match the matching images and reach the Death Star.

  • X-WING
  • YODA

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