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Hay Day APK

hay day app

In the free game Hay Day you’ll have to grow plants and at the same time make sure that your animals are cared for on the farm. The farm action is accompanied by cute cartoon graphics equipped with high-resolution textures.

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Call of Duty Mobile APK Download for free


Call of Duty: Mobile offers the player numerous different game modes. Among others, there is classic “Team Deathmatch”, “Free for All”, “Search and Destroy”, “Two vs. Two Matches”, “Domination” and unique modes like “Gunplay”, “Snipers Only” or “Attack of the Undead” (Infected) and of course Battle Royal. The CoD-typical point series (killstreaks) are also included in the mobile variant. In a running game, the player gets these through several successive eliminations. This can be used to summon an attack helicopter or an automatic gun, for example.

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Township APK free Download

township apk

Township is incredibly satisfying because your success is visible on the screen – the development of your small village into a vibrant city.

The bright, colorful, and surprisingly detailed backdrop triggers the feeling of being in a vibrant city with its finger on the pulse. It’s also worth inviting friends over for some happy building: After all, you can exchange valuable resources once you reach a certain level.

Township is a successful combination of two popular game types. There is so much to experience and do in this mix of farming and town building. And Township’s continued success is clear evidence of the game’s never-ending popularity.

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Brawl Stars Apk Download for Free

brawl stars apk

Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game in which two teams of three characters compete against each other in a setting full of obstacles and interactive elements. Your mission: teach the other team a lesson.

You can easily control your hero on your device, which is in a vertical position. All you have to do is move your finger across the screen. This will also trigger your special abilities necessary for victory.

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Pokémon Masters Ex Apk Free Download

pokemon masters apk

The game Pokémon Masters focuses not only on Pokémon but also on their trainers. Together, they form so-called companion teams. In the course of your adventure, you’ll meet familiar trainers from previous editions and their Pokémon – including, for example, Rocko and Onix, Misty and Starmie, and Cynthia and Knakrack – who will then join you and support your team.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift Apk

league of legends wild rift apk

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a standalone version of the popular MOBA that will first be released for Android and iOS. Later, it will also be released for consoles. The gameplay remains the same. You fight together with four other players against an enemy team. There is also the familiar Summoners Rift map and, of course, leaderboards. However, the rounds will be much shorter, and the controls will be adapted for the respective platforms.

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Garena Free Fire APK Download For Free

garena free fire

Garena Free Fire starts with a parachute jump.
Join a group of survivors, soldiers, and ordinary people and fight for pure survival and first place. It all starts with opening the parachute – up to 50 players parachute down over a deserted island. Once you hit the ground, you’ll have to search for weapons, medicine, and other equipment that will be exceedingly important for survival. Run through empty buildings, sneak up on your enemies and become number 1! As you progress, the game area will get smaller and smaller, which will make the battles more intense. In the end, there will be only one survivor – the winner.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK Download for free

mobile legends bang bang app
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Clash of Clans APK Download For Free

clash of clans apk

Clash of Clans is one of the biggest successes in the Google Play Store. The free2play game with possible in-app purchases from Supercell generates several million dollars a day. The mixture of building strategy and multi-player keeps many players in line, but it sometimes takes years to make it to the higher levels and leagues in the top players’ circle. Without patience and a high frustration threshold, you are very susceptible to in-app purchases, and some players sink vast sums into the game.

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Roblox APK Download for Free

roblox apk

In the USA, “Roblox” overtook “YouTube” in 2017 as the website on which children under 13 spend the most time. With around 25.5 million monthly users, the online game says it is more prevalent among this age group than any other provider. The possibilities of the game seem unlimited: The game aims to create virtual worlds that are stylistically firmly reminiscent of “LEGO” or the game “Minecraft.” This results in many mini-games with coarse pixelated graphics, which are created by the gamers themselves via the “Roblox Studio”.

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