Showbox APK is the number 1 preferred app for watching and downloading free movies and tv series all around the globe. It is one of the most downloaded apps around the world but is not available on Google Play Store because of its content.

Showbox APP has many controversies associated with it with some legal issues going on the app on recent times but is online again and is ready up to watch online movies and tv series free of cost.

Since it is not available on play store you have to download it from distributing websites and install it to use it on your android phone. Showbox app is only available for android and the showbox latest version apk is available for free download from the link provided below.


There are many duplicate versions of showbox live now but download the official showbox apk from the link provided below.

Download Showbox Apk 2020 Free



Showbox APK Guide:

Download Showbox APK from the link above and then save it to your device. After downloading it you have to visit your settings and allow apps to get installed from unknown sources. After installing you can freely access the showbox app to watch free movies anytime.

There are certain questions as is it legal to use such an app? The basic answer to this is yes the app the illegal but using it if available is user’s choice. To be clear there were legal cases registered against the developer and distributor of the app but for user’s there were no restrictions.

Showbox app apk is distributed online from various sources but are developed by a group of individuals that are not known by public. We are not hosting the apk so it is 100% safe to download the app from the link above without any fear.


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    I also like this very much. Especially when families all over, can’t afford to go to the show because everything too expensive. $15 dollars for medium-sized popcorn! R- U Kidding me!!!

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