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Showbox APK is the number 1 preferred app for watching and downloading free movies and tv series all around the globe. It is one of the most downloaded apps around the world but is not available on Google Play Store because of its content.

Showbox APP has many controversies associated with it with some legal issues going on the app in recent times but is online again and is ready up to watch online movies and tv series free of cost.

Since it is not available on the google play store you have to download it from distributing websites and install it to use it on your android phone. Showbox app is only available for android and the Showbox latest version apk is available for free download from the link provided below.

show box apk

Download Showbox APK

The latest Showbox app allows you to select video resolution according to your internet data connection and speed. You can download Showbox on any operating platform and enjoy your video. Showbox app is exclusively available on different platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows, Ubuntu, Chromebook devices, etc. By using its APK, you can easily download your favorite movie or TV shows and watch them later as well. 

download movies and TV Shows from the Showbox app

Open the Show box app from the app menu of your mobile phone. Click the “Search” tab and then type the name of your desired TV shows or Movies then select video resolution under video description. Tap the “download” tab to download your desired items. 

Note: You should use a WiFi data connection for downloading big movies or TV shows as these files require much more data.

On mobile data, you will face another issue that is delayed download and it may prove expensive too.

Doesn’t it make you wonder that an offer like Show Box doesn’t run through the official app stores, but you had to download the app from shady sites? No? Then you might be surprised that you can watch movies and series for free, while others still go to the cinema or pay for streaming services.
Show Box offers content that is definitely not provided by the creator and thus violates copyright law. Only the copyright holder (which can also be a third party) has the right to make content available to the public and to reproduce it.

Show Box itself does not act legally.

A user of illegal streams makes himself liable to prosecution by downloading even the smallest compressed versions of the movie or series into the cache while streaming.

Is the Showbox app available on Android?

Yes, of course, Showbox apps are popular third-party video streaming and downloading apps available for android. It is currently not available to download and install via the google play store but you can download it via external links. You should download it from official links. However, if you have downloaded it from unofficial links then before installing it, make sure that it does not contain any virus/malware that can harm your device. Malware may cost you a huge bag of money especially if you are using some sophisticated device.

Showbox APK Download for PC

Download and install blue stacks on your computer or laptop from here. (go here) After downloading, allow all the permissions and install it in your desired folder. Once the app is installed, open it with your google email ID. 

Showbox for Chromebook

Showbox Apk is not available on the google play store, but it is available on the chrome web store. Go to the chrome web store and search for Showbox.

If you are a PC user and have Google Chrome installed, you can use this method, too.

Once the installation is done, you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV show episodes live and can also download the videos as per your choice. Enjoy the same user interface on android as well as on your Personal computer or laptop.

What’s the difference between the Showbox app and the Moviebox app?

Showbox and moviebox apps are similar types of third party video streaming and downloading apps available for android. However, there are some differences in diverse terms that you can feel once you start operating.

Both apps provide easy-to-use as well as user-friendly interference. The major difference in both applications is the choice of the platform. Moviebox is mainly available on iOS devices and Showbox was made for Android users.

Showbox APK update

Is showbox up to date? watch this


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