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AVG AntiVirus for Android Free 2021 protects against harmful viruses and malware. Protect your data with App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and App Permissions Wizard.

Over 100,000,000 users have already installed AVG’s AntiVirus apps for mobile devices.

With AVG AntiVirus Free 2021 for Android, you get effective antivirus and malware protection, theft protection, app lock,task killer, and photo vault to protect your privacy and online identity.

avg antivirus free

Download AVG antivirus free

  • ✔ Scan apps, games, files, and settings in real-time.
  • ✔ Increase speed by eliminating processes that slow down your smartphone/tablet.
  • ✔ Extend battery life with “Save energy.”
  • ✔ Clean up unneeded files to free up storage space
  • ✔ Lock essential apps with PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
  • ✔ Enable location of your lost phone via Google Maps
  • ✔ Hide private photos in an encrypted vault
  • ✔ VPN provides anonymity and protects your privacy
  • ✔ Scan WLAN networks for threats
  • ✔ Check download and upload speed of the WLAN
  • ✔ Get information about the permission level of the installed apps.

AVG AntiVirus for Android
Protect photos, messages, and memories on your phone and tablet

The Android app “AVG AntiVirus Free” offers comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, Trojans, lockers, adware, or ransomware for your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to real-time protection, the antivirus program has tools for cleaning RAM and removing data junk. If desired, you can check the WLAN connection for problems such as missing encryption.

If you want to know which apps have which permissions, run a corresponding analysis. The call blocker blocks messages and calls from stored contacts and phone numbers. In the photo safe, you can use a PIN to hide your pictures from the gallery or save images taken with the integrated camera function directly in the safe. Note: The free version includes a 14-day trial with all premium features such as app lock, camera trap, and VPN connection. After the period expires, you continue to use “AVG AntiVirus Free” as limited freeware.

AVG Antivirus – Protection

✔ Scan files, games, and apps with AVG antivirus and remove malicious content.

✔ Scan websites for dangerous threats (standard Android browser and Chrome).

✔ WLAN scanner for network encryption, password strength, and captive portal (portals you need to log in to)

✔ VPN protection: Protect your online privacy.

AVG Antivirus – Performance

✔ Extend battery life by disabling high battery consumption settings with “Save power.”

✔ End processes and tasks that can slow down your phone.

✔ Clean up unneeded files and free up storage space

✔ Check the download speed and the upload speed of the WLAN

AVG Antivirus – Anti-theft protection

You can use AVG AntiVirus Free 2021 for Android together with AVG Remote Management Console for the following:

✔ Locate your lost or stolen smartphone using Google Maps.

✔ Lock your phone and set an appropriate lock screen message.

✔ Activate loud siren sound on your phone

✔ Theft: unobtrusively email you a photo of the person who enters a wrong password three times when unlocking your phone

✔ Surveillance agent: take photos and audio from your phone remotely through our website.

✔ Remote history: Remotely retrieve call logs, contacts, and text messages.

AVG Antivirus – Privacy

✔ Hide private photos from spying in a password-protected vault

✔ App lock: lock essential apps to protect your privacy and security

✔ App permissions: Get information about the permission level required by installed apps.

Lock your Android remotely with Antivirus fro AVG

AVG Antivirus free uses the “device administrator” permission. This permission allows you to lock and wipe your device remotely through my.avg.com.

With the “Anti-Theft” function, you can manually lock the mobile device in case of theft via the web.

Operator Assistance

The Antivirus app uses an Operator Assistance permission, for example, to protect visually impaired users from phishing attacks and malicious websites.

How does AVG AntiVirus protect my Android device?

According to the settings, AVG AntiVirus for Android protects your device from known malware and threats and monitors incoming and outgoing data. AVG strives to protect your device from all potential threats, but no solution is 100% effective.

As with all products on the Android market, there are limitations imposed by the version of the operating system running on the device.

It cannot protect you from malware that specifically exploits certain vulnerabilities in the operating system kernel, network stack, and other basic system components. However, AVG takes its role in the security industry very seriously.

AVG continuously works with Android device manufacturers to develop future solutions that minimize the risk of attacks.

How is AVG AntiVirus for Android different from AVG AntiVirus for desktop computers?

The scanning function and protection modules in AVG AntiVirus for Android use different definitions than AVG antivirus software components for PCs.

The app was developed for mobile devices. Therefore, the definitions are specific to that malware that attacks mobile platforms. As a result, your device will not be overloaded by AVG´s PC antivirus engine, which contains many malware data, but it is not relevant for your mobile device.

How much power does AVG AntiVirus for Android consume?

AVG AntiVirus for Android is designed to minimize battery consumption. Tests on several devices show that all services of this app generally consume less than 5% of the battery (in comparison, the launcher can consume up to 15% and Gmail up to 8%). AVG AntiVirus can reach a maximum of 20% battery consumption during CPU power spikes (approximately 30 to 60 seconds long).

Do I need Antivirus on my Phone?

Do i need antivirus on my android phone? Watch this video

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