Brian J Brennan

Says stuff sometimes

RT : [NY] Tonight! Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band, , LIONS, &

RT : Bringing some smoove barbershop jams back for next month's event, thanks to the Four Fives aka the $ node --harmony_generators

yo that's mad couth, b

RT : Also, we've opened up Boroughgramming tickets in advance for you early birds:

RT : We got off to a strong start last night when trolled us with his first slide.

Cab driver bumping Hall & Oates right now. Private eye

RT : Thanks to + + + our attendees, we raised $868 each for and !

RT : Preorder the debut S/T album via LTD to 250 copies on 180g vinyl!

:( sad that happened at our jam, wish he was pointed out to us, would have said something.

RT : Ticket opened up for tonight! Anyone want one?

god dammit.

If you're around NYC 4/26 and/or 4/27, you should go to NYC IndieWebCamp!

RT : [NY] JUST ANNOUNCED! to play #SchoolNightNY this Sun. 4/20 RSVP here -->

RT : Awwyeah. We just got the vinyl in for the single and album. Yum.

RT : Hair Programming.

RT : Get your beer.js on with tonight at 7! Miss this JavaScript event? Don't worry, it happens every month!

RT : Just announced: tonight will have a spoons/ukulele/accordion band will play the Star Wars cantina song. best meetup ever?

RT : roads? Marty where we're going we don't need roads. it's called Train Town and it's cool as hell. here's a pamphlet about train town.

RT : Tonight I’ll be giving a talk on my bot that cheats at Flappy Bird: Preview:

Just bit by this: `Hash#update` in node treats strings as binary encoded. This breaks strings with multibyte chars. Use a Buffer instead.

Hoarders: Unread Emails edition.

The Culinary Institute of America has a dope tech stack.

Drinks By The Pool Track, here we come!

I heard if you preface your tweet with #secret and tweet your password it comes up as all asterisks!

but if SSL is compromised, how can you trust the hash?!

his charges were bullshit for sure, but that dude...

New on Buzzfeed Quizzes: Which Of The World's 7.046 Billion People Are You? Answer these 16 questions to find out.

I just make up my own answer for what happened next.


Might be worthless out of context, but

RT : Good news! is our next sponsor, and they're sending us a care package full of next week.

RT : #heartbleed versions 0.9.1-0.11.12 are affected, fixed by in master

both registration and DNS seem to be through

AHHH sorry, I thought it was yours and it started redirecting. CARRY ON!

Woah, something might be messed up at your DNS provider – is the right IP address for your server?

ahh, I don't know how I ended up with the darker one, fixed mine!

Fine with me, though I stole it from , so he'd probably be the one to ask/thank!

oh man this makes me wish I had HBO.

I can be up there in ~45 minutes if you're gonna hang around that long.


YOU'RE ONLY GETTING FURTHER AWAY FROM US! Where in GP? I might be able to head up that way soon.

which part of Brooklyn?!

also, haven't you read the beloved children's story, “If You Take a Cat To Brunch, He's Gonna Want a Bellini”?

*next Caturday.

Are you in the Bay Area on April 24th? If you are you should go to this event run by :

RT : Every developer should take a mandatory class on learning to empathize. Would fix nearly every problem in the tech industry.

much like asking a cop, it has to tell you if it's not. THAT'S THE LAW.

RT : Our speaker lineup for 4/17 is sweet! Welcome , , , , & !

RT : LITTLE INDIE BLOGS: April 4 2014 - Hot Top Ten: ft.